Austin Company MINERAL Makes Products for CBD Anxiety Treatment

CBD anxiety treatment is the process of treating stress-related disorders in humans and animals using oils and chemicals found in cannabis (hemp). A company that has been quite successful at producing products for anxiety is MINERAL, which is based here in Austin.

The company offers CBD oil products online and also has a brick-and-mortar community center on East Sixth Street. The space includes a store, and visitors can learn about cannabinoid (relating to chemicals in cannabis) products and treatments and shop if they wish. The market for cannabis-based products and services in general is flourishing, and MINERAL is at the very forefront of what promises to be a profitable industry moving forward.

Plant-Based Health

MINERAL CEO Matthew Miller explains that his company is more than a vehicle to make money. In fact, he and the rest of the MINERAL team are strong believers in plant-based health in general and cannabinoid treatments in particular, and he notes that consumers are increasingly feeling the same way. In short, it’s all about living better the natural way.

Miller refers to the MINERAL space as a “cannabis perfumery,” a reference to the aroma of some strains of cannabis, and the structure itself has a modern glass and steel look in keeping with representing a brand on the cutting edge. Whether you call the MINERAL space a store, a community center, or a cannabis perfumery, it will be the site of community events where the public can learn about plant-based health and lifestyle initiatives and socialize with like-minded people.

The Science of MINERAL Products

To make its products, the specialists at MINERAL leave the hemp plants in the ground for as long as they possibly can and have the right combination of chemicals. The idea is to make the process as natural and organic as possible. The MINERAL team works with 12 cannabinoids in particular and has taken a great deal of time to develop the processes for attaining the right balances in its plants. In the cannabinoid oils that MINERAL creates, key fatty acids contribute to better efficiency of both body and mind, and products are created in small batches to ensure integrity and enhance quality.

MINERAL does not use pesticides in its growing process, and it doesn’t rush plants to production. The company is generally able to harvest four crops per year. In short, it emphasizes quality through a natural approach, as opposed to quantity through an artificial one.

Plants are tested at least three times between planting and harvesting for purity, absence of pesticides, and consistency. There are no heavy metals or solvents involved in the creation of products. The company’s quality-control process operates on the principle that all products must be above the industry standard. Relative to the high quality of the products, prices are extremely reasonable.

The company has received acclaim for the tasteful and elegant packaging of its products. Oils come in simple bottles the color of brown sugar, and fonts have a plain and attractive look. In keeping with the aesthetic, MINERAL has a Facebook page with animations, seasonal advice, promotions, and more.


One of MINERAL’s notable products is called SLEEP and is designed to give users the best natural rest possible. SLEEP contains a specific blend of cannabis and terrapins (hydrocarbons found in plants), and it has excellent restful effects. To get the cannabis-to-terrapins balance right, the company allows plants to dry out for a long time, and the result is a plant-based and extremely effective sleep-aid product. SLEEP is also an excellent remedy when it comes to CBD anxiety treatment.