Best Habits to Help You Live a Healthy Life

getting a good sleep

Living a healthy life can be very hard, especially in the years during and after a global pandemic where a lot of negative things are happening for different people. Working at home became popular during this time, but instead of helping people feel more relaxed because they are able to do their … Read more

Fitness Goals with Your Partner

a man and woman jogging

Most of us work out daily and are ready to accept new challenges every day. But, have you ever considered working out with your significant other? If not, then you should now. Why do it alone when you can do it together and share all the health benefits?  As the saying goes; … Read more

Solitude: The Art of Regaining Inner Peace

A man sitting in a cave

Solitude is a state of being alone or secluding yourself, which means being away from people. It has both positive and negative aspects, depending on the circumstances. There are two durations of solitude; long term and short term. A short-term duration of solitude is preferable when you’re working, thinking, or resting while … Read more

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Bullying?

Picture of cyber bullying concept.

Bullying has been entrenched in our society for as long as we can remember, but today this malady has become more pervasive than ever. Unfortunately, due to the universal adoption of social media in the past decade, teens are now susceptible to a whole another form of bullying: cyberbullying.  A survey by … Read more

Understanding Naturalistic Decision Making & How We Make Decisions

a person thinking on a table with a pink background.

From major life-altering decisions to small choices, we have all had to make decisions throughout our lives. However, when perplexing situations arrive, many of us get indecisive. Sometimes,  conditions like limited time, fewer resources, concerns about the consequences, and pressure appear. Knowing what effective decision-making is with strategies to get around these … Read more

Don’t Work Too Hard – Taking a Break Is Important

A man touching his head, looking problematic and stressed

I’m exhausted! I feel so worn out! I’m stressed out! I give up! You perhaps have said these things to your office mate, co-worker, or even to yourself when you feel that you no longer can function effectively, and you lost that motivation and passion with what you’re doing. If you have … Read more

How a Good Night’s Sleep Helps You Succeed

a woman with a hat, wearing checkered polo, is happily smiling with her eyes closed, and with a ray of sunshine at her back

Here you are again, trying to figure out what and how to achieve that energy-refreshing night sleep. To some, sleeping is the easiest thing to do, but more people struggle and suffer from sleeping disorders and difficulty of having a good night’s sleep or even struggle to be asleep during the night. … Read more

Waking Up for a More Productive Day

Getting your stuff ready the night before yout hit the morning

Waking up early in the morning may sound dreadful, but this is about teaching ourselves how to kick-start a productive day and achieve exceptionalism every day. You might say that getting up early in the morning is not relevant to you, but when you look at the best of the best – … Read more

Bedtime Rituals to Help You Have a Productive Tomorrow

a bed with blanket and a book

You have not rested, but you are already thinking about tomorrow, all the things needed to be done: deadlines, quotas, house chores, and so on. There are a lot of things going on inside your head. Your activities before bed have a significant impact on what your subconscious mulls over while you … Read more

Tips for Being Respectful of Others

A handwriting image of the world "Respect"

While respect must be second nature for us, there seems to be a lack of it in our world today. It’s overdue for a comeback. Everyone needs it, and as our society goes, we have to be respectful of others before we expect to be respected. Respect is an emotional commodity exchanged … Read more

Tips for Learning from Failure

a troubled woman looking at her laptop

Learning from failure is probably something that you’ve heard of from movies, television shows, or read from books, stories, and articles. It’s because most people have been there. The feeling of pouring your heart and soul into something, including blood, sweat, and tears, yet, you still failed. When you gave as much … Read more

Tips to Relax And Have Fun When You Have Dating Anxiety


Not everyone looks forward to dating. While some people have the time of their lives, others may suffer from a social anxiety disorder. Reports show that more than 18% of the entire US population suffers from at least one form of anxiety disorder. The reports also state that social anxiety disorder (SAD) is … Read more

10 Tips for Dealing With Situations Where You Are Physically Isolated

10 Tips for Dealing With Situations Where You Are Physically Isolated

Time off. Solitary quarantine. Self-isolation. Whatever you call it and whether you do it due to a critical period, for acquiring a disease, or for simply, being far away from your friends and family, being physically isolated is undoubtedly a difficult situation. Everyone reacts to such circumstances differently. After all, we are … Read more

Tips for Supporting Someone Who Has to Be Physically Isolated

Tips for Supporting Someone Who Has to Be Physically Isolated

Whether your loved one is social distancing, self-quarantining, working in a different country, or just having a time-off from the city jam, it’s essential to keep connected and replace the physical contact that’s been taken away by the situation. Each one of us reacts to us to such a circumstance differently. No … Read more