Guide to the Best Hand Massagers

Along with our feet, our hands are some of the most useful parts of our body. Unfortunately, they are some of the most abused parts, too. Especially in this modern world, it can be particularly tough on our hands, figuratively as well as literally.

Whether we’re working in the tech world, or working in our own trade or even if we are not one of those people who spend all day long working with their hands, all of us have to understand and deal with the effects that modern life and technology have brought on us. As a result, we are using our hands too often, whether we are at work or at play. This results in tired, overworked and sore hands.

But do not worry, because as we say — there is a solution to every problem! If you are one of those people who is seeking relief for your hand pain, you should give hand massagers a try. They range from the basic hand massagers to high-tech massagers. Check them out and see which of these hand massagers will suit your needs.

What is a hand massager?

A hand massager is a device which can act as an expert and professional massager. It helps in providing you with soothing relief from muscle pains in any part of your body. It also helps in getting rid of the “knots,” giving you relief from muscle tension all over the body. Furthermore, a hand massager helps you to release anxiety and headache. People who are especially active — whether working at an office, doing laborious work or playing in many sorts of sporting activities — will definitely be benefited from using this device.

This hand operated the device is specially designed for home use and it can also reach the desired points of your body and get the necessary soothing relief. All you need to do is just plug the device and put pressure on the right spots where you are feeling the pain. So you’ll no need to go to a spa or salon for taking hand massage if you have this hand massager at your home.

Best Features of Hand Massager


If you decide to get a hand massager for your own, it will be not an easy job as there are a lot of brands which may make you confused to select the best of your choice. Therefore, you have to know the features of a device which will serve you the better, or you have to find out the qualities of a device which would really fulfill your needs for what you want to buy in a hand massager.

Percussive Technology Method

The percussive technology method is ideal for those who would like their massages to go down a little deeper. This massage method penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, melting the tension and the soreness away and providing relief to your muscles. There are many hand massagers that work in this method, which is the kneading type of massage that you normally get from an actual professional massager.

Vibrating Technology Method

This method is one of the most favorite ways for years since it covers a large area of your body and also it is a very smooth and soothing type of massage than the percussion type massage. The main advantage of this massage that will relax you so much which can help you sleep.

Power Supply

There are several hand massagers which run on batteries. They can be used when the power source is not available. These battery-run hand massagers are great especially if they are also portable, which means you can use it anywhere and any time you wish. One big downside though: you have to change the batteries once they run out of power.

The Versatility

Versatility is one of the best features of any kind of product. Whenever you go to buy the best hand massager, you always try to keep in your mind that the product should be versatile in design and also in use. There are some high-quality massagers which can be applied anywhere at your body and it provides effective massage across all parts of your body not only on a specific body part.

Heating Options

There are several massagers with different heating options. Among them, the best is infrared heating devices, because here the heat goes through the deep into the muscles to provide a soothing and relaxing effect. Massagers with the heating feature are equipped with thermostatic sensors to prevent the device from overheating.

Adjustable Speed of a Tissue Massager

One of the most important features of a hand massager is its adjustable speed. Changing the speed will allow you to customize your massage setting. So if you are in a mood for relaxing, you can set the device at the lowest speed and if you want to have the deep massage, you have to set your device at higher speed.


Certainly, you will select a hand massager which you can take anywhere with you. Moreover, the models you will prefer which can reach all areas of your back without making you bend too much. Therefore, the size is a big question to consider when you are going to buy one for you.


The portability depends upon the presence or absence of the power cord and also the length of the power cord. The cordless units are the portable devices which can be used anywhere you like even while you are working. Some hand massager comes with long power cords to allow you to move around the power outlet.

Benefits of Hand Massagers

The hand massager is mainly used to get multiple health benefits which trouble you for a long period. Especially when you come back home after a long day of work tires and stressed when you are dying to get some relaxation via massage, certainly this device comes for your rescue. Here are the health benefits of hand massager:

Muscle Pain Gone

Due to excessive workload or some health issues, there is blood blockage in different parts of your body. As a result, you have to suffer from muscle pain at a different point of your body.

Fast Relief from Headache

One big problem which comes all in sudden and affects you badly is a headache. This makes you uncomfortable that it takes the quality time of your like for that time. Medicines don’t always give you the desired result and it also has few side effects which can harm you.

Relaxation On

At a certain point in time, everybody wants to be relaxed. Relaxation means, not only a relaxed body but your mind also. A hand massager can provide you the most desired relaxation by reducing your stress levels.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain and want to avoid medicines for its side effects, then you can take support of any hand massager. It helps to stimulate the local blood circulation, so the muscles around your spine get more oxygen and other useful nutrients.

Relief from Exertion Soreness

Exertion Soreness is a problem which appears when you start exercising or change your training schedule. This type of pain sustains for a longer period and you have to suffer a lot. A hand massager along with heat stimulates muscles and helps you to come out of the problems.

Better Sleep

sleep massage-jpeg

A hand massager works to reduce your stress level what you’ve achieved from your working commitments and some other personal tensions of your life. So that you can sleep better for having soothing and calm muscles and nerves.

Great Looking Skin

This is very good news for those who are really very conscious about their skin, especially who are working in the glamour world. A hand massager stimulates the blood circulation under your skin and your skin looks better.

If you are planning on getting a hand massager, here are some of the products available in the market today:

Where to Buy
Roleo Hand Massager
Sharper Image Hand Massager
SinLoon Massager
Homedics Mini Massager
Breo iPalm Hand Massager
Breo iPalm Acupressure
Cordless Palm Hand Massager
Sinloon Rubber Roller Massager
Oster Stim U Massager
Samyo Palm Massager


Roleo Hand Massager

This hand massager relieves chronic wrist pain and hand issues. It can also be used for so many things and is perfect for you if you are looking for any of the following: Wrist Roller, Hand Therapy, Deep Tissue Massager, Foot massager, Arm Roller, Forearm Massager Machine. With this massager, you don’t need a massage budget, since routine massage and maintenance is key for your pain.

Sharper Image Hand Massager

This hand massager is easy to operate, has a sharp new design, massages hands with air compression, and is made of the soft, cloth-lined chamber. It also has features such as high/low intensity, high/low optional heat, automatic timer. Plus, it has two massage moods, basic massage which has air bladders inflate in unison, and wave massager, where air bladders inflate and deflate alternately.

SinLoon Massager

The SinLoon Massager is a hand massager that could be your next ultimate personal care and health tool. It features two different massaging functions: one end of this massager has a steel massage ball with a complete 360-degree rotation which acts as a rolling massager not only to your hand but to other affected parts of your body; the other end of the massager features a double rubber which applies pressure to your fingers which helps in stimulating good blood circulation while melting the stiffness away.

Homedics Mini Massager

The Homedics Mini Massager may be small compared to other hand massagers, but it works effectively to release pressure from hands and provide them with relief. It comes with an ergonomic design which makes handling it comfortably. Its small and compact size makes this hand massager perfect for work and travel. It is available in three colors: blue, green and pink.

Breo iPalm Hand Massager

Your hand experiences the most stress and strain from everyday activities, so it’s time to give them the love and care that they deserve. The Breo iPalm Hand Massager allows you to create the kind of massage that you like because of its customized features. You can choose the level of intensity (low/high), heat (low/high) or types of massage (“basic” or “wave”). It can fit hands up to 8.5″ in length. Its latest innovation in design and features means that your hands are going to experience the most soothing and most satisfying massage ever just yet.

Breo iPalm Acupressure

This hand massager uses heat compression, intelligent air pressure, and point massage. It massages and kneads the pressure points of your hands and fingers. Combining acupuncture and reflexology, the Breo iPlam Acupuressure delivers a different kind of massage that you won’t find in any other hand massagers. You can choose your preferred massage intensities. The pressure reduction valve your hand feels releases air right away if your hand feels uncomfortable from too much pressure.

Cordless Palm Hand Massager

Since it’s cordless, this hand massager is portable, allowing you to start your hand massages any time, anywhere. It works by air pressure which kneads and presses on your hands to reduce tension and provide instant relief. You can choose any of the following intensity modes: Low, Medium or High, or combine all three. It also has a heat feature which you can turn on whenever you need it. If your hand starts to feel uncomfortable, the pressure reduction valve will release air right away. Perfect for work or for traveling.

Sinloon Rubber Roller Massager

This massager’s uniquely cambered design is meant to make your hand massages easier and more comfortable to use. It stimulates and promotes good blood circulation and also provides the warmth that reduces soreness and tension from your hand, giving it instant soothing relief. You can use this massager on any part of your hand. This is also a great massager to address common conditions affecting the hands, fingers, and wrists such as arthritis, numbness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Oster Stim U Massager

The Oster Stim U Massager is a heavy-duty and single-speed handheld massager that almost works like your professional massager. Made with a ball bearing construction, this massager. It specially designed to fit and contour a hand of any size and minimize hand fatigue. It is approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) so it is guaranteed to be safe in every use.

Samyo Palm Massager

This hand-held massager is suitable for providing effective relief not just for your hands, but also for other parts of the body like your neck, face, head, chest, back, belly, leg, and foot.  This massager has a unique design because it contains eight small rolling metal balls and therefore, this massager can be rotated in 360 degrees. This is quite a portable massager so you can use it anytime and anywhere when you need it. Like many massagers, the Samyo Palm Massager helps in promoting good circulation and in reducing cellulite, stretch marks and other undesirable flaws on your skin.