Inspirational Gifts for Children

Raising children can be a challenge, especially when you have everyday issues like running out of groceries, diaper changes or merely providing entertainment. While you are at it, you need to make wise choices when it comes to picking toys for them. Whether the gift is for your own child or your friend’s, you need to consider the fact that the young ones have a lot to learn.

Inspirational gifts for children have their own role to play, but you need to consider some factors beforehand. Kids can best be inspired through play, so it’s probably not such a good idea to give them a book of quotes or a journal until they’re older.

If you’re on the search for a child’s gift that is both fun and inspirational, the process can be a bit challenging. The considerations below will hopefully help you in your reasoning, while the following recommendations will help in making a final decision:

Physical and Mental Development

It’s delightful when you get to see your child roll, sit, stand or walk for the first time. As they grow up, you have to make sure that this physical development stays on track. This is possible with the regular attention that you give your child. They might start walking, sitting or talking earlier than normal with the right amount of attention.

When your child is still in this stage, you can choose a gift that can inspire them towards the next stage of learning. It can be interactive playmats, plush animals, rattles or even activity tables if your child is old enough. Over time, their hand-eye coordination, sense of sounds and reaction time will reach a notable change. It will then be time to get them indoor swings and perhaps toy cars they can ride which will strongly encourage the child’s gross motor skills. For coordination between their limbs, they will require playing with peg boards, stacking blocks and even games like hopscotch.

Introduction to the World

It can be both fascinating and fulfilling see your child growing up so quickly when they start recognizing and noticing places and the work going around them. If you think it’s time to introduce them to the realities of the outside world, you might consider getting some gifts for that purpose.

 Some options here might include tiny dollhouses, little kitchens setups, cars and wagons, doctor and firefighter kits, etc. You will also notice children mimicking their parents or the other adults around them, especially if there is a certain job that they do. It is fascinating for them to explore the world they live in, so you may consider introducing them to various professions. This way, they become aware of what is presently going around them and grow into observant individuals. They’ll also have hours of fun at the same time!

Interaction with People

This is a place where some children are lacking and need a boost. New parents might have a tendency to anticipate their kids’ needs, running about and making sure they get everything they want. This may be categorized as being responsible parents, but it can be a bit destructive if overdone. It’s best if the children learn to interact with other people in a safe, polite, and cooperative manner as soon as possible.   

To make it easy for your kids to adapt to the world, you may have to make them understand the concept of cooperation. Look in your neighborhood for a few playmates for your child and get them toys that they can share. Crayons make a colorful start, while blocks are a good tool in learning to share. Finally, board games will help them communicate and relate to each other. You will notice a squabble over a certain color in the crayons, where you might have to intervene and make them understand how one can wait for the other to finish.

Board games and puzzles can actually be quite interactive without much quarrel, as most of the child’s small mind will be occupied with the will to win or to solve the most difficult part of a puzzle. It might create not just a simple bond, but one with competition yet compassion.


There is no limit to a child’s imagination and creativity. As a parent, aunt, uncle, or any other adult figure, you’re in charge of how further your little one can think. Again, what’s required out of you is to provide them with the most useful, skill-inducing gift. Hand them a pair of safety scissors, crayons, paints, colors; anything that brings their personality out. For younger children, you might want to get them items that involve the understanding of how things are put together. Crossword books, jigsaw puzzles, and Sudoku are some examples of mind-boggling games that will help their brains expand.

Choosing From the Top Options

To help you with surprising your friend with the most helpful gifts for their children, or in picking gifts for your own child this holiday season, we’ve selected some highly recommended products that are available online now:

Where to Buy
Meland Kids 29Pcs Tool Set
Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids
Button Art Toy
Awesome Facts (About Everything)
Terrarium Kit


Meland Kids 29Pcs Tool Set

Is your little boy or girl interested in taking everything apart and trying to put it back together again? If so, this wonderful tool set consisting of 29 pieces is an ideal gift for them. The tool’s edges are rounded to ensure a child’s safety. All tools are made of sturdy plastic that will last you a long time and perhaps even outlast their childhood. This also comes with electric toy drill and chainsaw, and storage bag.

If the children have a parent who’s interested in woodwork and carpentry, they would love to have a tool set of their own. Hopefully, this will keep them from the temptation of using real, adult tools that might hurt them. At the same time, it will inspire them to pursue their interests in a safe yet interesting manner.

This tool set is also a STEM educational toy, which means that it’s effective in developing certain skills in a child. Through this, your child will hopefully enhance their counting, sorting, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and other intellectual skills.

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

A unique kind of gift set, this one is a complete collection of over 300 thought-provoking riddles. The best thing about this gift is that it grows as your child grows because of its various levels of difficulty. It’s no wonder that this product is a number 1 best seller on Amazon’s category of jokes and riddles. The riddles include real-life situations with logical thinking, allowing your child to think out of the box.

These riddles are more for older kids, but they’re a great way for an adult to interact with children and help them develop intellectually. While this is available in a paperback version, you may also get it in a Kindle edition for easy accessibility.

Button Art Toy

Here we have a perfect pack to keep your child engaged in the learning of colors, objects as well as animal. It offers colorful pegs to help your kids remain engaged in passive learning. A wide range of pictures and pegs increases the creativity and possibilities of playing the games. If you are a busy mom, this toy is recommended for you especially because it comes with a large storage box. This means that you can do quick and easy cleanups when the kids are done with them.

Keep in mind that this gift is for the younger ones, perhaps preschoolers or a little older. The pegs are round, with smooth edges, so you don’t have to worry about pricks or cuts. The plastic is also of a high-quality ABS variety, so it’s a safe option for your little ones.

Awesome Facts (About Everything)

A gift like this may not be your usual choice but for some, this could very well be a life changer. Genius young minds are often hard to deal with as they get bored with everything, but the 5000 facts in this book should keep them occupied! Apart from the quantity, the multiple categories of information are commendable.

Here, you can find information about animals, foods, astronomy and several other genres. The hard copy has a powerful binding and the quality is also excellent. You’d have to make sure that the child is old enough to take care of books. Also, there might be some sections that are opposed to certain parenting styles, such as the pages on palm reading and magic. If you’re not the parent, make sure you run this choice by them before getting this as a gift.

Terrarium Kit

A child’s natural love for science must not be overlooked. This kit has been designed to build a child’s interest in experimenting with nature’s habits and style by growing a plant in a glow-in-the-dark jar. The jar comes with all accessories for plant growth, as well as for the decoration of the jar itself. Also included is a detailed explanatory manual that makes everything easy to understand.

Your child won’t have to wait for very long to witness the growth for the plant, as it should start to sprout in 2-3 days. This activity will hopefully help them develop an interest in science, gardening, and survival skills.


Whether we’re buying a gift for someone else’s child or our own, we need to care for and hold ourselves responsible for the individuals growing up under our eye. We have seen how much impact things can have on the physical, emotional and mental development of our children.

Giving the right kinds of inspirational gifts can also help in nurturing the best relationships between adult and child. Think about getting one of these for the next special occasion, and see how they grow and learn under your supervision.