Creating The Healthy Marriage You Want: Stop Accusing & Start Accepting One Another


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Are you and your spouse using accusations and blame as a strategy to resolve conflict? Are you and your spouse stuck in patterns in which you both argue and fight and never feel heard or understood? Are you and your spouse feeling alone, walking on eggshells afraid to talk given it may lead to another fight? This helpful and hopeful book will challenge and invite you and your spouse, to evaluate your marriage, using these top 10 differences. Knowing what are the traits and patterns of a healthy vs unhealthy marriage will move your marriage from accusing one another to accepting one another.Stop hurting each other through blame and learn to love and accept each other.

I know it does take work to make a marriage healthy.I understand you have tried to fix your spouse or fix their problems and this has not worked.Unfortunately trying to be right or correct each other has only left you both defeated and alone.You got married and vowed to love each other for better or for worse, but these days it seems your marriage is not about acceptance and more about blame and defensiveness.

As a Licensed Marriage Therapist, I know "Making Marriage Work" will stop the madness and merry go round you two are. Decide to resolve hurt together & stop the hurtful patterns and start healthy patterns. Change does not happen overnight but if both spouses are willing to partner and be a 'we,' then both of you can learn to eliminate unhealthy intentions and value embracing healthy intentions feeling loved, accepted and secure. My wife and I have done this, we have helped other spouses do this, and I feel confident you two can do this.
Can you identify with some of these differences:
Do you want to be right or do you want to pursue a love relationship?
Do you want to criticize or do you want to encourage one another?
Do you want to remain resentful for do you want to be forgiving?
Do you want to pursue control or do you want to pursue freedom?

As you learn these differences, the goal is for you and your spouse to join together to move your marriage from accusation to acceptance by doing the top ten healthy traits and greatly improve your communication. This book will help you stop reacting and start responding by listening and understanding each other.
So what is stopping you from turning your marriage from unhealthy to healthy? Are you waiting for him or her to change first so then you will change? Are you falsely concluding this is as good as it gets and just going to survival mode?
So take the first step, become a difference maker, buy this apply and see what changes you are your spouse can make to build and make a healthy marriage.

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