Self Improvement in Practice: A 21-Day Program to Make You More Effective, Productive, and Achieve Your Goals While Staying Happy at the Same Time


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Now is the greatest time ever to be alive. If you have the time, freedom, and internet access to read this, you have more opportunity than any human being in the history of the world.

You have the opportunity to avoid the monotony of an average existence and live a truly exceptional life. How is this done?

Progress requires consistency of action—a practice. Self Improvement in Practice is the first book by Aaron Simon, an emerging writer and entrepreneur whose blog has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers since its launch.

Self Improvement in Practice introduces you to 21 practices that will improve your life mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally—one per day for 21 days.

These include:

  • Breathing and grounding exercises to get you out of your head and into your body

  • Courage: what it really is at its core, and how you can use it to turn fear into confidence in minutes or even seconds

  • How to use visualization to let go of past mistakes, forgive yourself for former failures and move forward now

  • A simple mindset shift that can help you discover your “purpose” in life—even if you have no idea what that looks like right now

  • How to declutter your brain, clear out mental space and free up your mind to focus on what’s really important (This is Day 3)

  • An often-overlooked perspective that, once you adopt it, gets you MORE results with less effort

  • The ultimate “death habit” that brings LIFE to your experience—formerly used by samurai warriors before battle in ancient Japan

  • A quick and easy technique to make all your daily interactions go way, WAY better—and all you have to do is practice a few times in the mirror

  • The most “serious” pitfall you probably fall into if you’re striving for success and self improvement

  • Cold therapy, walking meditation, “heart-centred living” and more…

From the author:

"This book comes from a fundamental belief that the "secret" to living the life you want is not a secret at all—it is just to work on yourself. The best way to create the external circumstances you desire is to cultivate the qualities within yourself that bring them about.

Success—whatever that means for you—is achieved simply by adopting the right behaviors and focusing on the right things. I've seen this proven true in my own life again and again. The practices in this book are the most meaningful and resourceful I've discovered in my journey so far, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share them here."

When you complete Self Improvement in Practice you will:

  • Discover things about yourself you don’t yet know

  • Learn practices, techniques and habits that can continue to serve you for the rest of your life

  • Be a better human being—mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally—than when you started

Self Improvement in Practice is short and to the point, with no fluff. It avoids empty motivational talk and "feel good" platitudes that do nothing but leave you exactly where you started. Instead it provides practical exercises and techniques you can test and implement immediately.

The true value of this book, as with anything in life, comes from putting it into practice. Our time is short and we have to make the most of it, and real tangible results only come from real action in the world. Self Improvement in Practice is for the people who understand that fully.

If that is YOU—then get your copy and start today.

See you inside.

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