The Best Apps That Will Give You a Daily Dose of Motivation

Staying motivated is one of the best keys in accomplishing your goals in life, whether you are striving for professional or personal success. It’s important to be focused and proactive, however, it’s not that easy to commit to certain goals. We all experience bad days and sometimes distractions and negativity surrounding us. In these situations, have you asked yourself what you can do to stay motivated?

If you find it a challenge to keep your spirits high in stressful days, keep in mind that there are things you can turn to which may help you stay positive. Today, using our smartphones has been part of our everyday lives, may it be for work or for entertainment purposes. But did you know that it can also help you get the daily dose of motivation you need? Yes, it can, through motivational apps you can download online.

If you’re looking for motivational quotes, videos, everyday reminders, and others, here are some of the best apps for you.

Success – Daily Life Planner and Goal Setting Coach

This application is for iPhone users. It helps in taking control of life. To be able to achieve your career goals, this app will help you develop a personal roadmap to success. It also features tools which can help you stay focused on your personal journey. Some of these tools are daily reminders, and awareness coaching. This app can also identify and let you know the areas you need improvement on.

Strides Habit Tracker

This is another app for iPhone users. You can use it to track your goals such as saving for a vacation or maybe becoming more physically fit. Whatever goal you have, all you need to do is pick an activity, enter a value, like how much you want to save, or a date, then start working towards your goal. Strides will help you track your milestones, will show you charts about your progress, and will send you reminders to keep you responsible.

ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

To be able to achieve success, you need a clear action plan and an ability to avoid negative thoughts. This is what this app does. It helps you coach yourself to develop a more positive mindset. It will give you affirmations that are related to different areas of life such as career, fitness, weight loss, and as well as relationships. Through this app, you can personalize your affirmations and connect with others to share your recommendations as well. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Fabulous: Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep

This app is for Android users. It is helpful in developing healthier habits since the stresses in life can throw us off course of our goals, this app will help people stay motivated and responsible. It features integrated coaching and personalized advice for your own goals. It will help you develop more good habits and as well as give you tips on how to reset your habits to keep you achieving your goals.

iWish – Life Goals, Wish List, Bucket List

Sometimes when you have so many things in your bucket list, it’s quite difficult to organize them. Well, this app will help you accomplish that by helping you keep track of your bucket list items. Aside from helping you become organized, it will also help you discover activities which might be of your interest. It can also give you a plan on how you can check off things in your bucket list. It can be almost about anything, form wellness, relationships, career, finances, lifestyle, and many more. It’s available for both Android and iPhone.

Way of Life!

This app is for iPhone and Android phones. It can help you in setting your priorities and maintaining your focus on them. It enables you to track patterns for you to see your improvements. It also features tools which can help you develop new habits. You can also use it to set daily reminders for activities you want to focus on.

Motivate: Daily Motivation

This app is available for iPhones. It sends you videos from the best mentors on a daily basis. The videos you will receive through this app is not randomly selected as they will pertain to your unique goals and situation. It can also let you save the videos that you’d like to watch again whenever you need a motivational boost.


This app is for both iPhone and Android. It’s hard to deny that our phones can also be a distraction when it comes to studying, working, or accomplishing other tasks. When you use this app, it will help you avoid being distracted by your phone.

When you open the Forest app, it will show you a newly planted seed in a forest. The seed will gradually grow throughout the day. The objective is for it to grow into a fully-grown tree, but you can only achieve that if you stay on the app. If you leave the app and open any other app such as your social media accounts, the tree will wither and die. This app can motivate you to stay focused on your goals, and it’s a good time management app as well.

FitQuote – Fitness Motivation

Another thing that most of us find difficult to stay motivated on is staying or becoming physically fit. Most of us know that being active helps a lot in losing weight and staying healthy, however, finding time and motivation to work out regularly is quite challenging. But this app can help solve that problem. This app will send you motivational quotes which are all related to fitness as well as to everyday life. More than reminding you every day to work out, the quotes this app gives will also motivate you in continuing your fitness journey long term. This app is available for iPhones.

Wonderful Day

One of the best things that can motivate us is to see progress on our goals. Through this app, you can record and track your goals every day or over a period of time. You can see if you’re close to hitting your targets through charts. You can use it to list your goals and then check them off once you complete them. Aside from that, it will also send you daily reminders about your goals. You can add as many goals to your chart as you want. This app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

These apps are just some of the best ones we found but we hope that they can aide in motivating you every day in order for you to achieve your goals in life. Always stay positive!