Top Tips for Tarot Card Beginners

The reading of Tarot cards allows people to engage in fun and interesting ways to access the psychic realm. People who are able to read Tarot cards are often asked by their friends and family members to use the cards to look into the future. It can be really exciting, and a little bit scary too!

If you think you are someone who might love Tarot readings, you probably are interested in learning some major tips to get started in the incredible artform.

Keep it simple

It is really easy to get lost in the complex system that decides and makes up the Tarot, and if you try to learn all of the systems at once you will quickly find that you are becoming overwhelmed. Instead of trying to learn it all at once, make a commitment to learning a little lesson each day. You are going to find that your confidence and knowledge grows each and every day.

Create your own personal connection

While there are objective rules about reading the Tarot, you also need to form a personal and powerful bond with the cards. Depending on your intuition and understanding is a major aspect of reading the cards. Along with reading books about Tarot, consider looking at your everyday life for personal examples of the cards. What card best describes your day on this day. What card represents your best friend, your parents and more? Make it personal. That way you will become a far more powerful Tarot card reader.

Draw a card per day

The best way to learn, as previously mentioned, is to make a personal connection with each card. The best way to do that is to draw a new card every day. Ask the Tarot, “What energy should I focus on today?” From there, you will be able to proactively control and manifest your own energy throughout the day.

Over time, you will be able to form personal connections and experience with each card, furthering your intuition and understanding.

Read the picture in the card

One of the straightest forward ways to understand what the Tarot card means is to look at the picture itself. What is happening in the card? Why is it happening? What is the moral of the image and the story it represents?

From there, you will relate it back to what you are experiencing. What can the image on the card tell you about your life at present?

The best thing about this technique is that you do not have to memorize all of the meanings. You can simply go with what you understand from the cards each time.

Find a practice buddy

One final great tip to learn Tarot is to study with a friend who is also interested in learning. By working with someone on a regular basis, you will be able to make sure that you are sticking to it and will also always have some to read for and be able to compare your own readings to theirs.