20 Movies to Watch for When You Need Inspiration

We have our own different ways when looking for inspiration such as reading books and listening to music. But aside from that, another thing that might give us inspiration is movies. There are movies that lift us up and inspire us to do more and be more. If you’re looking for the right dose of inspiration today, here are some of the inspirational movies we’ve gathered which may help you.

To Kill a Mocking Bird

This is a movie based on the classic novel by Harper Lee. It’s about an attorney who tries to support a black man against the charges of him raping a white woman. This is an inspiring movie about love, friendship, and the lessons children learn from their father.

Spirited Away

This is a Japanese animated movie about a schoolgirl named Chihiro. The story revolves around her being transferred to the spirit world. To reclaim her freedom, she worked in a Japanese bathhouse. This movie will inspire you in many ways such as in facing your deepest fears, helping people, and having confidence and faith in yourself.

The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie is inspired by a true story. It is about a single father and his son’s journey in finding true “happyness”. It will teach you how to overcome struggles in your life. It will tell you that if you want something, you should go get it.

Forest Gump

This is a six academy awards winning movie of 1994. It is very inspirational in so many aspects such as in family and friendship. This movie will teach you about love, integrity, and simply being good.

The Karate Kid

This movie is about a young boy who learns Kung Fu to control his emotions. The story is about how he learned to respect people around him through the challenges he faced. In his journey, his teacher taught him values in life. This movie will inspire you to never give up on what you want to achieve.


This one is about Rocky, an outsider who, in spite of the obstacles and troublemakers in his way, still believes in the American dream. He gets the chance to be part of a major fight for the heavyweight championship of the world against Muhammad Ali-inspired Apollo Creed. This movie is about a man who overcomes whatever obstacles life gives to him to be able to achieve his dreams.

Dead Poets Society

This movie is about how an English teacher, John Keaton, teaches young men in an unconventional way. Though he does not pay attention to the school’s curriculum, his students still learn much more from him than they do from their books. This movie will inspire you to follow your dreams and to be strong in sticking to your beliefs in the face of strict opposition.


This movie is about a drummer who wants to become a master musician. His road to success is not easy because it contains a lot of twists and turns. Its story is about triumph over the most extreme difficulty. It will inspire you about the power of belief.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The story of this movie revolves around a man who thinks that having money, women, and drugs makes him successful. It will teach you the real meaning of success, as well as the true priorities in life.

Slumdog Millionaire

This is about the journey of a boy named Jamal Malik, who was once close to winning the 20 million prize in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show. This is an inspiring film about having strong faith, survival, and victory.

Pay It Forward

This movie is about a seven-year-old boy’s assignment at school, which is about coming up with an idea on how to improve the world. What he developed was a method where whenever a person benefits from a good deed, he needs to pass on the good deed three times. This movie will teach you that a simple act of being helpful to others has a powerful effect on everyone.

Life of Pi

This movie shows the scenario of Pi being stranded in the Pacific Ocean with nothing but water all around him, and worse than that, he is with a Bengal Tiger. This is an inspiring and visually stunning movie that will make you think about your life.

127 Hours

This is based on the real-life story of a climber named Aron Ralston. His arm was trapped under a large boulder while he was exploring a remote canyon and he has to make a difficult decision. This movie gives a powerful message about hope. It will inspire you to do whatever is necessary to turn even the most terrible situation around.

The Diary of Anne Frank

This is one of the most inspiring movies of all time. It is about a woman’s journey to discovering who she really is. A coming-of-age movie that is inspiring in many ways.


This movie is about William Wallace who defended Scotland from the English oppressors during the thirteenth century. This is an inspiring film that will teach you to stand up for what is right and to fight against whoever will try to take your freedom away.

Edward Scissorhands

This classic movie will encourage you to not judge other people too quickly. It’s about discovering first who they truly are and learning to accept them the way they are.

Seven Pounds

This movie is about seven strangers and one secret. It will show how each of the strangers’ lives will change because of one man and how he crushed his whole world in seven seconds. It will teach you the importance of mending all your wrongdoings in life.

Shindler’s List

This movie is about a man who died poor but with the knowledge that he rescued thousands from an ugly destiny. It is a stunning and brilliant movie about the horrors of World War II. It will inspire you to do noble actions for others which is what our world needs at the present time.

The Shawshank Redemption

This movie is about innocence, friendship, revenge, and salvation which is a must watch for everyone. It shows that life is not always fair. It will inspire and give you hope when you feel like fading in your everyday life. It will encourage you to not give up no matter how difficult things may get.


This movie is about Rudy. He dreams of becoming a football player at his school, the University of Notre Dame. This film will give you the inspiration to pursue your dreams even during times when a lot of problems seem to be coming to you. It will convince you that you can achieve all your dreams when you are willing and dedicated to working hard for them.