What are the Different Types of Headaches?

different types of headaches

All of us in our lives at one point or the other have suffered from headaches. Even the most physically fit person among all has at least once fallen a prey of this ailment. It is undoubtedly one of the most common forms of illness. Headaches usually subside on their own if … Read more

What are the benefits of Memory Foam

Woman sleeping on a memory foam.

From time immemorial we are made to believe that the firmer your mattress is, the better it would be in terms of comfort and longevity. However, since its inception in 1960s, memory foams have completely transformed the mattress game. It is soft. It absorbs body heat. And, it has this revolutionary quality … Read more

What are the Benefits of Back Massages and when do You Need One

Back massage to reduce stress. De-stress yourself with back massages

Back massages is a holistic and natural way of curing a lot of mental, physical and even emotional unresolved issues that you might be surprised to know. The theory of massage therapy dates back to time immemorial where there were no modern medicines. To this day, massage therapies stay relevant owing to … Read more

Tips for Improving Your Attention Span

Tips for Improving Your Attention Span

Staying focused on a task for a longer period can be really challenging, especially when constant distractions are just a click away! While wandering thoughts can enhance your creativity; concentration difficulties is becoming a common issue faced by a majority these days. Besides, the list of drawbacks is endless, including management problems, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Massage

The Ultimate Guide to Massage

The power of touch is undeniable, and it has the ability to change someone’s life for good. Here we are referring to massages (before you take it somewhere else *Wink*). Massages are good for just about anyone as several types of therapies are introduced to help us with different issues both physically … Read more

Learn These Tips for De-Escalating Intense Situations

A distressed individual on the verge of an emotional breakdown

In the wake of current events, the world needs now more than ever a culture of love and harmony. Specially, after the previous two-years of pandemic, majority of the people have faced severe personal, financial, emotional and mental traumas. A huge chuck of the population has spent most of their days in … Read more

Depression and the Importance of Talking About It

A person in a red hoodie sitting alone

Since the beginning of time, mental health has been a taboo topic. People tell themselves all kinds of lies to justify how they feel. Peers mock others if they see someone struggling through the day. Others pile up unsolicited advice that does no good. In no way should mental health be taken … Read more

How to Love Yourself

Self-care written on a piece of paper

People-pleasing is a futile endeavor. You can increase your self-esteem and break codependent habits by focusing on self-love and self-compassion rather than attempting to get others to love you. It allows you to form healthier, happier relationships with yourself and others. What Does It Mean to Love Yourself?   One of the … Read more

Parenting Tips to be a Good Parent

Parenting Tips to be a Good Parent

Life gives you versatile experiences from birth to death but being a parent and raising kids is one of the toughest jobs one can imagine. It is not just about raising children but being effective in doing so. Some people are unassembled and not ready to raise their children. A good parent … Read more