Tips for Throwing a Fun Minimalist Holiday Party

Group of friends enjoying Christmas drinks in bar smiling to camera

Even though the holidays are a time of joy and celebration, they can also be a time of stress and overindulgence. Throwing a minimalist holiday party can be a terrific way to celebrate the season without all the commotion for individuals who prefer a simpler and more private approach to holiday get-togethers. … Read more

What is a Minimalist Art?

A minimalist design

The beauty of minimalist art is communicated through its singularity and simplicity. Similar to minimalism, the emphasis is on the basics of this artwork, which can be pictures, sketches, paintings, or even sculptures.  Minimalist art, which emerged in the 1950s and contrasts sharply with abstract expressionism, is defined by a simple element … Read more

How can Minimalism Help with Stress?

How can Minimalism Help with Stress

Most individuals say they feel stressed out more frequently than they would like to acknowledge due to the demands of our professions, the growing desire to be connected throughout the day, raising a family while working full-time, and a chronic lack of sleep and exercise. However, some very risky effects result when … Read more

What are the alternatives to minimalism

Is Simplicity an Alternatives to Minimalism

Is Simplicity an Alternatives to Minimalism? Though they are not the same, simplicity and minimalism are frequently confused.  Although it gained popularity in the early 1900s, minimalism is a lifestyle choice that isn’t always well understood.  Not all minimalists live simply, though some undoubtedly do.  Simplicity and minimalism are two alternative ways … Read more

What is a Minimalist Music?

The Evolution of Minimalist Music

Minimalist visual arts are the source of minimalist music, which is also known as reduced or minimal music.  Diatonic, pulse-driven, motionless, and austere are all characteristics of minimalist music. The Evolution of Minimalist Music  This music was created in opposition to other musical genres, particularly serialism. This musical genre got its start … Read more

How Does Minimalism Help with Time Management?

Time Management

A common misconception about effective time management is working harder, filling up your daily schedule and weekly calendar, handling multiple projects, and getting more things done quickly. When in fact, it’s about efficient use of your time to get more of the important work accomplished and saving time for activities you genuinely … Read more

Tips for Minimalist Packing When Traveling

Tips for Minimalist Packing When Traveling

Minimalism is a movement revolving around simplifying life, avoiding the unnecessary, and thriving with less around you. It embraces the concept of “less is more,” as eschewing the extra stuff entails gaining freedom from guilt, overwhelm, and worries. Thus, allowing you also to free up your time and focus on the things … Read more

How does Minimalism Help with Decision-making?

How does Minimalism Help with Decision-making

With the ceaseless advancement in technology and boom in economic prosperity, decision-making has never been harder for us, humans, given the abundance of options today’s world has bestowed on us. Little did you know that we make around 10,000-40,000 decisions each day, which results in outcomes that affect how we live.  The … Read more

Benefits of Being a Minimalist

A minimalist room

A minimalist lifestyle is acquired with the mentality of “Less is more.” The term doesn’t just apply to a single thing, but you become a minimalist when this mentality covers everything from your possessions to your office desk.  The concept is simple; you discard everything that is not necessarily required, is emotionally … Read more

Essentials for a Minimalist Home

a comfy chair with a woven throw in the living room 

What image do you conjure up in mind upon hearing the word minimalism? Most people take minimalism as synonymous with boring and monotonous. If you hear someone expressing an interest in converting their home into a minimalistic setting, you would think they are probably low on finance or have a very small … Read more

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

A minimalistic wardrobe

Do you know how much of our daily thoughts go to the outfit we are supposed to wear the other day? A lot! Sometimes we spend the whole evening after coming from work, conjuring up an image of how we are going to dress up the next day. The more choices we … Read more

Drawbacks of Minimalism

Brown wooden table and chair in front of a wooden-framed mirror

We all have possessions that we love and are attached to. They are a vital part of our lives – be it a fountain pen or a beautiful evening gown, we all own stuff that we can emotionally relate to. But what if someone asks us to part ways with our belongings? … Read more

Core Principles to Simplify Your Life

Many people dream of having a lot of things in life. A big house with a lot of furniture, a car, gadgets, appliances, designer clothes and bags, and more. That’s why they work hard, and some even take on a lot of jobs to achieve these goals. But there are also those … Read more