Benefits of Being a Minimalist

A minimalist room

A minimalist lifestyle is acquired with the mentality of “Less is more.” The term doesn’t just apply to a single thing, but you become a minimalist when this mentality covers everything from your possessions to your office desk.  The concept is simple; you discard everything that is not necessarily required, is emotionally … Read more

Essentials for a Minimalist Home

a comfy chair with a woven throw in the living room 

What image do you conjure up in mind upon hearing the word minimalism? Most people take minimalism as synonymous with boring and monotonous. If you hear someone expressing an interest in converting their home into a minimalistic setting, you would think they are probably low on finance or have a very small … Read more

How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

A minimalistic wardrobe

Do you know how much of our daily thoughts go to the outfit we are supposed to wear the other day? A lot! Sometimes we spend the whole evening after coming from work, conjuring up an image of how we are going to dress up the next day. The more choices we … Read more

Drawbacks of Minimalism

Brown wooden table and chair in front of a wooden-framed mirror

We all have possessions that we love and are attached to. They are a vital part of our lives – be it a fountain pen or a beautiful evening gown, we all own stuff that we can emotionally relate to. But what if someone asks us to part ways with our belongings? … Read more

Core Principles to Simplify Your Life

Many people dream of having a lot of things in life. A big house with a lot of furniture, a car, gadgets, appliances, designer clothes and bags, and more. That’s why they work hard, and some even take on a lot of jobs to achieve these goals. But there are also those … Read more

How Minimalism Can Help Improve Parenting

a simple baby room with a white wooden crib and rocking chair with stuffed toys

Parenting is one of the most challenging responsibilities that moms and dads need to face in their life. It’s because they need to take care of their kids while working and while maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness at home. Most of the time, doing all these things result in overwhelmed, confused parents … Read more

How Minimalism Can Boost Work Productivity

man using a laptop on a wooden table with coffee and a plant

Minimalism is not only practiced at home because it can also be practiced in the workplace. Most people have bought into the belief that to be able to be productive, you need to work all the hours under the sun. People who believe in this philosophy are those who get up at … Read more

Introduction to Minimalism

Introduction to Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the words that we often hear these days. Many people have been talking about it and in fact, it even got its own documentary on Netflix. For a lot of people, minimalism is the trend that can save you money, boost your happiness, and save the environment as … Read more

Useful Resources to Start Minimalist Living

the cover photo of Minimalism A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalist living is one of the best ways to live freely with less stress. It is an art of living with less. However, just like all things worthwhile in life, minimalist living also requires some work and effort. It’s because minimizing your life is not easy. If you decide to get started … Read more

Steps to Get Started on Minimalist Living

a minimalist photo of a plant in a glass vase

Minimalism is living intentionally with only the things that you truly need. It is being surrounded by fewer material items so that you will be able to do more with your time and life. It’s not about self-restriction but about liberation. It is about learning to be happier with less. It’s because … Read more