How to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe

Do you know how much of our daily thoughts go to the outfit we are supposed to wear the other day? A lot! Sometimes we spend the whole evening after coming from work, conjuring up an image of how we are going to dress up the next day. The more choices we have, the more thinking we have to do. Thus, having a minimalistic wardrobe gets one thing off your shoulders. 

Creating a minimalist wardrobe is not just about reducing the number of your clothes; it’s also about organizing them in a way that makes your daily routine simpler and more efficient. Engaging with professional closet designers in Sugarland can be a pivotal step in achieving this. Their expertise allows them to create customized closet solutions that optimize your space, enhance accessibility, and complement your goal of maintaining a minimalist wardrobe, ensuring that your clothing items are not only well-kept but also easy to navigate.

Renowned Examples 


Though success is not the constant here, many of the world’s top successful personalities are known to wear almost the same types of clothes every day to work. Mark Zuckerberg, as we all know him for creating the biggest social media of the time, “Facebook,” is well-known for having a preference for gray T-shirts. Steve Jobs could always be identified by black turtlenecks and the staple blue jeans. Similarly, Grace Coddington, Vogue’s creative director, is mostly wearing black. 

What does all this tell you? Do they have any less money to get whatever they want to wear? A big no. All these people can probably buy any clothes they lay their eyes on. Then what’s the fuzz all about? The fuzz is about dedicating less and less amount of your thought processes in deciding what to wear from a hoard of clothes. 

When you minimize this kind of thought process by having lesser choices, you can have a lot of brain energy left to channel it elsewhere.  

Buy Less – Choose Good 


Although the fashion industry mostly goes by the motto of “more is more,” and you can never have enough clothes to wear, the shifts in concepts are real and are happening fast. The pandemic has done its fair share to induce how petty the expensive dresses and clothes are sitting unworn and idle in your closet when you can see how people are losing their jobs. 

Nevertheless, going for a minimalistic wardrobe is gradually gaining importance. If you are interested in converting to a minimalistic wardrobe, this article is specifically for you. Let’s get started.

Steps To Create a Minimalistic Wardrobe 

1. Note what’s in Your Inventory 


It is always helpful when transforming your wardrobe to see what you already have and what you need. Draw your conclusions on the things you have in your wardrobe and the ones you do not like but still have. Also, write the things that you would like to add. But remember not to just add – this is what kills the basic concept of minimalistic wardrobe. Add clothes after you have thoroughly combed through your things. 

2. Note Your Style and Let it Reflect in Your Wardrobe 


If you had the concept that minimalist styling only implies wearing black, gray, or white, you need to revisit your knowledge. Minimalism is not confined to a few colors or schemes. You can like bright colors, such as red and pink or orange, and still, be a minimalist at heart. Having a minimalist wardrobe is all about owning only what you need and prefer – nothing that only idly sits in your cupboard because it was on sale or just looked pretty.

If you observe a trend when overlooking your clothes that you like stripes or solid colors, then note it down. Also, observe what kind of fabrics you like the most. This will help you narrow down your list when you are on the next shopping spree. 

Tip: taking styling inspirations from Pinterest is also very helpful. Just keep adding and pinning the outfits you like to your inspiration board. And whenever you have time, you can go narrow things down according to your style and preference. 

3. Start Decluttering 


This might be one of the most difficult stages of creating a minimalistic wardrobe. Combing through the items and getting rid of your clothes is not as easy as it might sound. You must have memories of certain dresses. Some things will bring back a flood of memories that you would not want to part with but think of how your precious items are being wasted away if you are not using them anymore. That plaid top you wore to your first hangout with friends just does not fit you anymore.

So, filter through your clothes like you would declutter any other corner of your home. Make piles of different categories, such as (a) the one you do not wear anymore, (b) the ones that do not fit you, (c) the ones that you do not just simply like, and (d) the ones which are out of style. Any item that has been hanging on the hanger long enough to catch dust needs to go. Now that you have come so far, try and put aside the clothes you wear. You can either give away all the ones that are not in use or DIY into something useful. 

4. Collect Pieces for Your Minimalistic Wardrobe 


You do not need to buy everything from scratch to have a minimalistic wardrobe. It will be the opposite of the spirit of minimalism. It is all about conscious buying: you need to buy what you need and like, not what you only like but is of no use otherwise. Consider the notes you took in step 1 and refer them for your style and the things you need. 

Though there is no set script or guide for what you should own, generally, a minimalistic wardrobe comprises about two pairs of functional jeans, three tops, three to four dresses, two coats, and two blazers, and three to four sweaters. If you like wearing skirts, you can add two of them in too. This is a basic idea for going about building your minimalistic wardrobe. You can substitute clothing items as per the season and your needs or preference. Remember to ‘substitute,’ not just add up things in a pile. If you live in a hot climate where there is no winter season, you do not need to get two coats. Instead, get swimsuits and a cover-up. 

5. Repeat the Cycle 


The key to maintaining a minimalistic wardrobe is to repeat this process every three months. This is when the climate where you live might take little turns, so it is best to go through the stuff and filter the things again. You can replace the coats with summer-wear if the weather has turned hot in the previous three months. 

Also, you can adjust things according to your preference. If there was a top you liked a week ago, this second cycle of combing through your wardrobe is the best time to replace it with something you are probably tired of wearing. Repeating this cycle gives your wardrobe a breather and some room to accommodate and adjust your likes and dislikes. 

A Complete List of Some Essentials of a Minimalistic Wardrobe 

  • Two or three Button-down shirts.
  • Four sweaters.
  • Two to three dresses.
  • One professional outfit (blazer) or maybe two, depending on your type of work. 
  • Two exercise outfits.
  • Two pairs of running shoes.
  • A pair of heels you like and find comfortable.
  • Two sandals.
  • Two flats.
  • Two scarves or mufflers.
  • A bathrobe.
  • A set of laundry pajamas.
  • Two sets of loungewear.
  • Two to three pairs of jeans.
  • Two to three short-sleeved shirts.

Minimalism Has Its Virtues 

Just like there is no logical explaining of overspending thousands of bucks on clothes people never get to wear anywhere, there might be burning questions about owning a limited number of clothes. You cannot answer everyone, and honestly, not everything deserves an answer. 

If minimalism calls you and you are good with conscious shopping, then get going. Minimalism is not about downplaying the people who do not understand this. So, for your good, just start by reading up a lot about this. We hope that this guide also helps you create a minimalist wardrobe.