Essentials For a Minimalist Home

What image do you conjure up in mind upon hearing the word minimalism? Most people take minimalism as synonymous with boring and monotonous. If you hear someone expressing an interest in converting their home into a minimalistic setting, you would think they are probably low on finance or have a very small space available. These are some of the common misconceptions that people have about minimalistic living. Let us clear things out as we go. 

What is Minimalism? 

What is Minimalism

Minimalism is not defined by the color white or clinical spaces that are bare. The whole point of minimalism is to create calmness and peace in our otherwise cluttered and chaotic life. Have you ever experienced an unsettling feeling that just would not go away if your wardrobe is overflowing with things you do not need or when your house is full of decorative stuff and furniture that is too bold and flashy?

Minimalism is what is used to calm these unsettling feelings. It is to bring peace to your life. It might not be everybody’s calling, but if you intend to channel your calmness into decluttering your home and keeping the stuff to the bare minimum but with great quality things, this article is just for you. 

Creating a Minimalist Home 

Minimalism does not have a defined set of things you should own. There is not a standardized checklist for this. The key is to declutter and sort through things that you do not need in your home. Keep things that are useful and are of good quality, so they last you long and get rid of everything that just sits idle! Choose comfort over the display and have your home decorated as you desire. 

Essentials of a Minimalist Home 

Firstly, it cannot be stressed enough that once you sort your things out and declutter, remember to make a list of what you need next. Also, keep in mind the things you just got rid of so that you do not end up buying them again on an impulse. Following are some suggestions for a minimalist home. 

1. Bedroom 

A Super Comfy Bed with Storage 


We all know the importance of a comfy bed. The most essential piece of bedroom furniture is a comfortable bed that is so inviting that you would want to go to sleep immediately. But have you heard of how much a bed can store if you have it built properly? There are endless options of bed with storage – there are drawers built beneath the bed, or the mattresses can be lifted to view a complete built-in storage space! 

This type of bed is ideal for a minimalist living – it incorporates a fundamental piece of furniture into a storage idea that probably cuts down on big and heavy cupboards or dressers in the bedroom. 

Bedside Table 


A bedside table is to allow your bed to be kept clean and uncluttered. For a minimalist home that attempts to soothe your senses instead of overwhelming them, a bedside table with long-legs and deep drawers is essential. The long legs give a sense of open space, while the drawers should be big enough to hold all your bedtime essentials. 

2. Kitchen 

Coffee Table 

Coffee Table 

If your kitchen is big enough, you should definitely think about getting a small coffee table. A small white or gray round table with comfortable chairs is good for recollecting your thoughts for the day while you sip on your morning coffee. Also, the point of a minimalist home is to soothe you with appearance, and that is why having clean countertops is so important to give off a calming vibe. 

A good quality coffee table can be used to place the fruit bowl, glasses, salt and pepper shakers, sugar container, and other essentials that would otherwise take up space on the kitchen counter. 

An Open Kitchen Plan

An Open Kitchen Plan

An open kitchen floor plan is one of the best things to have happened to a minimalist. They are so easy to navigate and do not overwhelm the onlooker. They appear serene and peaceful if kept properly. This is not something people can redo so easily, so it might not be essential. 

However, an open kitchen layout supports the idea of minimalist living a lot. You can have a lot of storage options built above the counters that would help hide the mess. 

3. Living Room 

A Comfortable Couch or Sofa 

A Comfortable Couch or Sofa 

Nothing looks more inviting than a sofa that is plush and comfortable at the same time. You better have one good quality stylish sofa than having a room full of gaudy ones. A minimalist home has to be simple with things that you actually need and just for decorative purposes. Prop up some stuffy cushions and a comfortable woven throw on the couch to give a perfect touch to your living room. Place the sofa at an angle where you can use this piece of furniture to watch TV, peek in the kitchen, or catch some sunlight while you finish a book.

A Chest of Drawers 

A Chest of Drawers 

If a TV or gaming console is not what you are looking for, your living room needs a good and stylish storage option. A small dresser beside your couch can serve more than a single purpose. It can serve as a bookshelf, a DVD holder, or you can also place potted plants on top of it. 

4. Entryway or Passage 

 Hallway Table 

Hallway Table 

A minimalist home is where you can have a proper place for everything you own. By the same principle, you should not have many things that you cannot find storage for, while you should also not have big bulky furniture that has no use. 

Upon entering a minimalist home, you should feel a sense of order while appreciating the quality. An entryway or hallway table to place your keys, wallet, or other essentials is necessary. This serves for the ease of finding important things when needed. 

Shoe Shelf 

Shoe Shelf 

To keep your house as spick and span you can, a proper shoe storage place is needed right at the entrance. You can use it to keep the comfortable sandals or flip-flops that you wear at home. Not trotting along with your outside shoes through the living room is one thing that is going to help you worry less about cleanliness. 

Minimalist Living at its Core 

As there is no setlist or standardized checklist for a minimalist home, the above list is not complete. It gives you an idea of starting a life that leaves behind everything that does not have usage value. Sort through your home and see which things have been sitting idle for long. 

Get rid of those things and get good quality items that serve you a purpose. It is best to cut down to minimal so that your mind is at peace. Mental peace is affected by a hoard of external factors in addition to our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, align your living space with your mental health, and you will never be dissatisfied.