Tips to Relax And Have Fun When You Have Dating Anxiety

Not everyone looks forward to dating. While some people have the time of their lives, others may suffer from a social anxiety disorder. Reports show that more than 18% of the entire US population suffers from at least one form of anxiety disorder. The reports also state that social anxiety disorder (SAD) is the third most common form of anxiety disorder in the US.

Hence, for anyone suffering from SAD dating is not something to look forward to. Is there a way around this? Can I relax and have fun despite having dating anxiety?  

The simple answer is “Yes, you can” and in this post, we will show you how.

Below, are a few tips to get you to relax and fun whenever you experience dating anxiety:

  • PLAN FOR THE DATE: There’s probably nothing that fuels dating anxiety more than the uncertainty that accompanies not knowing how the date will play out. This is why you should enroll in pre-dating preparation. Feel free to express what you wish to happen during the date and make a plan to guide you towards your wish. For instance, if you feel being closer to your home will help you feel more relaxed and less nervous, do not be shy about suggesting that the date is somewhere nearby. Visit the Happymatches website to learn more.

You can also suggest that you both go in separate vehicles if you feel being picked up by your date will make you more nervous. Don’t shy from asking for a double date if you feel the presence of another couple will help ease your mind.

  • LEARN TO EXPRESS THE WAY YOU FEEL: It is always advisable that you are able to express the way you feel under any circumstances, and experiencing anxiety is not an exception. Trying to hide your anxiety is the perfect recipe for being even more anxious. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the date, you will exert more effort trying to hide that anxiety. However, when your date knows that you are quite nervous, he/she will help you through the process. Your date will often offer supportive words and be patient when you experience a nervous breakdown.
  • RELAXATION TECHNIQUES CAN BE A LIFESAVER: Whenever you feel the anxiety getting out of hand, you should practice some relaxation techniques like guided imagery, journaling, deep breathing, etc. Practicing these techniques will be easier if your date knows about your feelings of anxiety. These techniques will help you relax and pause the moment so you can continue enjoying your dating event when ready.
  • TAKE A BREAK: What is everything goes wrong? This is where you will have to take a deep breath and muster the courage for the next date. You should avoid going on another date immediately after a bad one. Give yourself time to get comfortable and try again.  

In conclusion, if you tell your date about how nervous you are, there is a huge chance that you both will be happy to reschedule your date if the first one goes wrong. Hence, it is safer to share your feelings than trying to hide them.