Tips for Finding and Eliminating Energy Vampires

Most of us want to be good, happy people and positively go about our life. Who does not want to be satisfied? But every once in a while, we meet someone who disrupts this positive energy and makes our days dark. If you have had a similar experience, you have dealt with an energy vampire. Energy vampire sounds like a pretty harsh term, and that is the kind of effect such people have on your life.

What is an energy vampire?

An energy vampire is someone who triggers emotions in others and feeds on those emotions. Other terms used to describe this situation are emotional vampire, psychic vampire, sociopath, warlock, and psychopath. It is a psychological disorder that urges these people to act in this way. Based on the psychological classification, there are four main types of energy vampires:

  1. Narcissists
  2. Victims
  3. Controllers
  4. Splitters

When you go deep into the categories, you will find out that it is not others who are energy vampires. All of us can become an emotional vampire at some point in our life. In this post, we will not look at energy vampires as other people, but more like a phenomenon that all of us must avoid.

A quick self-analysis

Let’s start our post with a quick self-analysis to figure out whether we have the potential to act as an energy vampire. You need to answer these questions to find out all you need to know:

  • Are you satisfied with everything you have in your life?
  • Do you live a life that is happy, content, and makes your heart burst with positive energy?

If you cannot say yes to both of these questions, you can be an energy vampire. Your conditions can force you to go into that mode where you might steal someone’s thunder. We are taking you through this exercise so you can tell when someone else behaves this way with you as well So, where are these vampires we speak of? They are everywhere, sometimes at your house as well. Let us describe some situations to describe standard emotional vampire behavior:

  • That girl/boss in your class who does not like you get better grades and tries to hinder your progress
  • The coworker who is competing with you over promotion and leaves no opportunity to slow you down
  • That relative who constantly compares their life with you, giving you a tough time in family gatherings
  • That significant other who has nothing but complains about your behavior, no matter how much you try
  • A friend who has a troubled life but keeps bugging you because they have no one else to turn to, and you are done with their behavior

Look around you, and our brain is highly specialized in telling when someone annoys us. Our body language changes and makes us vulnerable. Once you spot these vampires, you can take steps to rid your days from them.

What to do with energy vampires

Energy vampires demand a lot from others, feeding off their insecurities and vulnerability. This energy-draining process leaves you feeling exhausted and out of breath. If this stress goes on for a long time, it can push you into chronic illness like stress, anxiety, and heart disease. Here is how you can save your mind and heart from this destruction.

Create boundaries

We understand that it is easier said than done, but you need to take the first step. You should create areas in your routine that do not let the energy vampire enter. If the said person is asking you out on a coffee or lunch date, you should be confident to refuse. If this person is at work, you can limit your interaction with them until it becomes normal for you. If they stop by your desk to chat, do not indulge in a long conversation, and signal this with your body language. Start with minimal steps, so that taking more significant steps becomes more comfortable for you.

Do not go all out

A caring person does not feel good shutting someone off. You feel guilty as if you are committing a crime by limiting exposure to an emotional vampire. However, you must teach yourself not to give these people what they want. Do not return their calls or messages, and do not get triggered by their comments. The best way to save you from their plans is to say, ‘I’m not feeling too well’ or ‘I have got a lot of work to do.’

Over time, when they see that you are not available to offer them energy fodder, they will turn away.

Be on guard, at all times

Firstly, you need to shut down that emotional valve for these people. Tell your mind and body to expect the least from an energy vampire. Next, you have to be on your guard. It is the little things that build the confidence of someone stealing your thunder. A furrowed brow, an angry expression, or how you fidget with your hands is all they need. Practice at home if you must and give these people a stone-cold response. Do not open yourself to their demands. Instead, retort with small sentences and minimal expression.

Cut them off!

In severe cases where minimal exercise does not apply, you have the right to cut people off. As they say, you only have one life, so why waste it with the wrong people? Do not let this make you guilty because you need to be healthy and focus on those who love you unconditionally.

Take advantage of groups

It can be challenging to deal with energy vampires when all their negative energy is directed at you. However, hanging out in a group of two or more people means the vampire’s energy is broken between you and other individuals. This protects you from bearing the complete burnt of the negative persons’ pessimism. Another benefit of hanging out with like-minded individuals is that you can analyze how they handle energy vampires, which should give you more ideas for how to deal with such people.

Revitalize your aura

If you’ve recently had a conversation with an energy vampire, make sure to re-energize! The best way to do this is to practice meditation and ask the universe for energy. Also, burn incense or stage to lighten the energy within as well as to eliminate negative energy from the air. Additionally, keep your physical health well-maintained. Eat light and hearty snacks, bath with salt, and get some sunlight in the early morning hours on a daily basis.

The bottom line

Energy vampires steal the precious energy that you can spend on countless other tasks. It is your right to live a life full of happiness and love. If someone is trying to feed off your insecurities, you do not have anything to offer them anymore. We hope that this post also educates you about your behavior. If you have ever indulged in this practice, it is time to be more mindful of your actions. Refusing to accept responsibility is not healthy, so it is time to reclaim happiness in life.