Tips on Dealing with An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety or panic attacks can be overpowering and sudden. If you know that you are a patient of anxiety then you should be knowing how to deal with an anxiety attack. If one of your anxieties is getting severe then you should prepare yourself for an anxiety attack. People experience it once in their lifetime. You cannot predict that when you are going to have an anxiety or panic attack.

There are plenty of ways to plan to deal with an anxiety attack. you have to control it and manage it easier in different ways. Some natural remedies can help you to cope up with an anxiety attack. For basics, you need to remove the negative thoughts in your mind that lead to an anxiety attack. You need to keep yourself calm and focused on the situation around you rather than focusing on negative thoughts. 

Tips on Dealing with An Anxiety Attack

People having an anxiety or panic attack have a breathing issue, sweating, trembling, etc. To deal with an anxiety attack there are some tips that you can be helpful. 

Remember That It Will Pass 


No matter how scary it feels at the time of anxiety, keep it in your mind that this will pass and no physical harm will be done to you. An anxiety attack might look like a heart attack but it will not kill you or harm you in any way. At the time of an anxiety attack, try to focus on the thing that it is a brief period of concentrated anxiety. 

During an anxiety attack, the attack reaches its intense point in 10 minutes, and then it will settle. You will be normal again. This is why you have to remember that no harm is done to you because of an anxiety attack. 

Take Deep Breaths 


One of the physical symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks is rapid breathing or shortage of breathing. If you are having an anxiety attack, then make sure that you are taking deep breaths to deal with it. Anxiety attack causes rapid breathing and chest tightness that narrow downs the breathing. Shortage of breathing makes an anxiety attack more severe than it is. 

While having an anxiety attack, try to focus on slow and deep breaths. Also, focus on each breath so that your tension is diverted. For example, take a deep breath from the abdomen and fill up your lungs slowly and steadily. Count to 4 while inhaling and exhaling. 

Other than this, you can use the 4-7-8 breathing rule known as relaxing breath. In this way, you inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale slowly for 8 seconds. This can help you to divert your attention from an anxiety attack to something you like to do. 

Smell Some Lavender 


A soothing scent can be helpful to deal with an anxiety attack because it taps into your sense and grounds the person to focus on something else. Lavender is a traditional remedy for giving a sense of calm relaxation. It can help to relieve anxiety. When you know that you are going to have an anxiety attack, keep the oil under your nose and try to inhale it slowly.

You can also dab a little lavender oil into a handkerchief to inhale the scent of lavender gently. In case you don’t like the scent of lavender, you can use any of the essential oils such as chamomile, bergamot orange, lemon, etc. All of these oils will help you to deal with an anxiety attack. 

Find A Peaceful Spot


The surroundings can also be a source to intensify the anxiety or panic attack. It is preferred that you should find a peaceful spot to calm yourself. It will help you to control the anxiety attack or even prevent it from attacking. You can leave a busy room and lean against the wall where there is no one. Also, you can sit at some quiet place where you will have mental space. 

Finding a peaceful spot means that you are moving away from the reasons of anxiety or panic attacks. When you go to a peaceful spot, you will be able to focus on breathing, relaxing, and other anxiety attack coping techniques. Hence, you will be able to deal with an anxiety attack. 

Focus on Object 


When you are having overwhelming thoughts because of surroundings, memories, feelings, thoughts, etc. you are not able to focus on something else to divert your attention. Focusing on something physical can help you to cope up with an anxiety attack. 

When you focus on one stimulus, the other stimuli will reduce. While having an anxiety attack you can focus on something and try to think over its manufacturing, shape, size, color, etc. This technique will reduce the symptoms of an anxiety attack. 

If you are having anxiety or panic attacks more than often, then you can keep a toy, seashell, hairclip, smooth stone, etc. to focus on it. In this way, you will be able to ground the anxiety, panic, or trauma attack. 

The 5-4-3-2-1 Method 


Anxiety attack detaches the person from reality. It happens because the severe anxiety attack takes over the senses and you lose control over yourself. The 5-4-3-2-1 method helps you to ground the anxiety attack. It diverts the focus from an anxiety attack to the surroundings.

This method includes:

  • Look at 5 different objects: Try to think about each object for a while.
  • Listen to 4 different sounds: Try to focus on different sounds and find the differences. 
  • Touch 3 different object: Touch 3 different objects and try to observe the texture, uses, and their temperature. 
  • Smell 2 different smells: You can smell the coffee or tea on your table or you can smell the perfume or laundry detergent smell on your clothes. 
  • Name 1 thing you can taste: Before a panic attack, you might have eaten something, try to focus on the taste of your mouth or eat a candy to change it. 

Walk or Exercise 


Anxiety attack affects your senses, but you can overcome it by walking to move away from a stressful environment. The walking pattern can help you to focus on your breathing. When you go out for a walk, your body releases hormones known as endorphins, which help you to relax your body and improve your mood

Exercising daily can help you to deal with an anxiety attack. It reduces the chances of getting an anxiety attack. 

Try Muscle Relaxation Techniques


One of the physical symptoms of an anxiety attack is muscle tension. Avoiding muscle tension while having an anxiety attack will help you to cope up with it. When you try muscle relaxing techniques, you also ground rapid breathing. Try muscle relaxation technique by following the mentioned steps:

  • Hold the tension for 5 seconds 
  • Say relax to yourself while relaxing your muscles 
  • Now let the muscles relax for 10 seconds before you move to another muscle. 

Picture Your Happy Place 

Picture Your Happy Place Every person is having a happy place in their mind where they feel relaxed, calm, and safe. The happy place can vary from person to person. When you have an anxiety attack, take a walk and lean against a wall and think of your place while closing your eyes.

Divert your attention to your happy place where there is no stressful environment. You need to think that how calm that place is for you and you can imagine yourself there in cool soil or soft rugs.

Take Prescribed Medications 

take Prescribed Medications 

If you are having anxiety or panic attacks more often then you should consult your doctor. A doctor will prescribe use-as-needed medications that can help you to cope up with an anxiety attack. Drugs or medications can be addictive so doctors prescribe the medication to prevent the anxiety or panic attack occurring in the first place. 

Some medications allow you to slow a racing heartbeat and decrease high blood pressure. The prescribed medications help you to ground an anxiety attack faster than using natural remedies. 

Anxiety Attack – Techniques That Help You to Ground It

If the fear is true then you surely are going to have an anxiety or panic attack, but if you are making things up in your mind that doesn’t even exist, then you are welcoming an anxiety attack. To cope up with a stressful environment causing an anxiety attack, you can use natural remedies or medications prescribed by your doctor. An anxiety attack lasts merely for 10 minutes, but you need to focus on techniques to deal with it.