Overcome Stress and Anxiety by Using Your Built-In Stress Fighters

You might have read about various methods about overcoming stress and anxiety like that of deep breathing and eliminating negative thoughts etc. There is no doubt in the fact that these are excellent methods to get rid of your anxiety issues but there is much more to it. First of all, people suffering from the disorder as well as with mental stress consult with their doctor regarding the health disorder and get a proper treatment. For instance if once think he/she has ADHD then he/she must take an early adult add test. Do you know that when the brain can’t get enough oxygen, Agonal breathing occurs? This abnormal breathing pattern refers to gasping, shortness and struggle to breathe.

Why you need to know the difference between natural feelings and stress?

Sadness or feeling awful is often overlapped with the feeling of stress but one needs to know that these are natural feelings which every human experience. Every other person is fighting for their happiness in day-to-day life but life. You need to understand that life is not a bed of roses neither full of thorns. Every person is going through some struggle which we don’t have any idea about.

Going through some life challenges or problems or continually failing in something and feeling sad for them is not Stress. Talking about Agonal Breathing, it is the medical term used to describe struggling to breathe and Facing the death of your loved ones, getting passed by a promised promotion, breakup from your partner or best friend or daily beauty standards could lead to symptoms of Stress and Anxiety but the real problem is if those feelings of sadness, low mood, feeling worthless, hopelessness and emptiness lasts for more than 2 weeks.

If these feelings persist for more than 2 weeks then it can be termed as depression which is a significant mental health issue. You must also realize that stress issue may also cause you digestive problems which eventually can be crucial at the time. For that, you must consider taking a healthy diet that can be digested just like you feed your cat the quality Purina cat food for its better health.

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety symptoms may vary from person to person and often contradicts with other mental health problems. Always seek help when you think you need, don’t feel ashamed for seeking one! Here are some of the symptoms you need to know about.

  • Canceling plans with friends and family

  • Always staying in bed.

  • Staying in dark.

  • Drug abuse

  • Drinking habits

  • Avoiding social contacts

  • low vitality or weakness

  • feeling useless or regretful

  • issue focusing or deciding

  • considerations of death or suicide

  • excessively little or a lot of rest generally days

What are your built-in stress fighters?

Yes, you read it right! You have got some superb built-in fighters to deal with your stress. You might be wondering if these are some things like that of built-in functions in a computer programmed device? Well, these are much more intelligent than that. The feeling of love and your capability to deal with your relations what you’ve got as your intelligent built-in functions. How often have you heard, “it is all about love and war?” It is truer than you might think with stress and anxiety levels.

You might know this before but when you are stressed or threatened, your body boosts its production of adrenaline and cortisol. The adrenaline increases your heart rate and respiration, activates your muscles and makes you hyper-alert. If the state persists, your body increases its cortisol levels, too. This hormone also makes you hyper-aware. Researchers have found that while adopting love and optimism in your daily life helps you to relax, it counters the effects of cortisol, a stress hormone, and as a result, it increases the production of another hormone called oxytocin.

Healthy production of Oxytocin is extremely beneficial to overcome stress and anxiety because it has the differing effects of cortisol and adrenaline. The amazing thing about this is that it can lead you to better health using entirely natural means.

How can you practice more love and optimism in your relations?

How can you practice more love and optimism in your relations

It might be easy to suggest someone make love and be optimistic in his/her relationships but practicing this in real life is not less than a challenge. So, here’s what you can do to make love with less effort.


Yes! traveling can make you fight form depression and stress. You may catch a flight to Cairns or any other favorite destination and plan an enthralling vacation to get rid of usual workload anxiety and experience the time at best by meeting new people at new places.


Mediation is one of the proven ways of getting yourself feel relaxed. You experience the best state of mind while you meditate. The feelings of aggression fade away when you free your mind from all the hatred and negative thoughts.


Exercise As per a few examinations, standard exercise functions just as a drug for certain individuals to have fewer side effects of uneasiness and despondency, and the impacts can be Long Lasting


You can experience getting a massage to make your mind dwell in the less tiring state. Massage helps you get rid of your tiredness instantly.


This is important. Most of us might have never thought about it but this is real. When you forget to practice your religion just because you keep yourself busy in daily work life, you experience anxiety. You get to have various mood swings because in the pace of life you forget what your religion teaches about i.e. love and peace.

Caring for a pet

This may seem strange but this really works. Even if you are tired of the people around, when you start petting an animal and then care about it, you will feel an unusual yet pleasant feeling. The love you give to your pet finds its way back to you instantly and without even realizing, you will be pushed towards the light of love and peace.

In a nutshell

The above-mentioned tips and techniques are not just a piece of writing but a gateway to your happy and prosper life. We all need to get to know that there is nothing in this world that can’t be influenced positively with love and peace and there is no one in this world that can bring you back to a better and happier version of yourself but you only! For some, being promoted at work is a very stressful journey. But this should not be the case if you are a dedicated worker. Just be yourslef and workhard. Practicing the 10 creative ways to improve your attention to detail at work will also help you stand out.