5 Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Won’t Cost You Much

Bathroom remodeling does not need to be very expensive! In the early stages of bathroom remodel planning, it is natural to think of the fancy European hardware, expansive skylights, wall-to-wall tiles, or other extravagances that you think you cannot live without. However, reality will hit hard if you calculate the cost for this perfection. Interior house painting is one way to get a new look without breaking the bank. Check out the top bathroom remodel ideas that won’t break your bank but can have your bathroom appear stylish! So, here are top 5 bathroom remodel ways that do not cost much to but can significantly change the entire look and function of your bathroom.

1. Paint

If you do not have much to spend, repainting can be the cheapest and highly effective way of giving your bathroom a complete new look. But, it will take a little more of your time. Why? You might find your bathroom to be one smallest room in your house, but you need to paint slowly & gently over the window, tub and shower, sink, mirror, toilet, switch plates, wall corners, and floor.

It takes a little time (and good supply of the painter’s tape), thus ensure that you keep it in your mind when you are planning the renovation.  One more thing that you need to consider is moisture. As mold & mildew develop very easily in your bathroom, and temperature and humidity change often, it is the good idea that you invest in the best quality of paint with the satin finish. You might wish to go over ceiling with the special bathroom paint, which helps to resist growth of mold.

2. Decor

Add a new rug and towels and countertop accessories. You need to give your bathroom plusher appearance just by selecting the interestingly shaped and beautiful rug for “dry” area of the bathroom. You can make use of best affordable services like Kohler Luxstone installation service by MaxHomeNow at good offer price of 50%.

The bathroom accessories generally come in many different designs that can really give your room plenty of character. They are highly affordable, as well, thus buying the new bathroom decor is the best way of upgrading your room without spending a lot of money.


3. Experiment with the bathroom wallpaper

Wallpaper and bathrooms? Surely that is not the good mix? Well, it will work if you follow some extra steps while choosing or hanging the wallpaper. Firstly, do not hang the wallpaper anywhere that can be in the constant contact with the water – and suppose your bathroom is not well ventilated we will suggest sticking to the wallpaper designed specifically for the bathrooms (B&Q have great selection). Or, you may use any wallpaper that you like, however, ensure that you make use of extra robust wallpaper adhesive; layer of the clear varnish will help to protect this further.


4. Update Your Fixtures

Next, you must look at the minute details. You may update the light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets, or drawer pulls for the small investment. All these items might appear insignificant; however, updating them will make a huge difference in the bathroom’s look. You can check out internet for some more ideas.

Items can be out of the price range however, you can always find ways of replicating the overall look for less.  Remember that you do not always need to buy the towel racks at home improvement store. You can use old plumbing for towel racks and you’re your bathroom a new and cool look to it.


5. Add simple and stylish bathroom accessories to give fresh feel

The quick and inexpensive (often practical) idea of updating the bathroom is with the accessories. We’re talking about the soap dispensers, caddies, storage jars, toothbrush holders, and all the fun and amazing stuff that you can find.

You can look out for the cheap bathroom accessories whenever you do the food shop; there are some places where you will find lovely & super affordable pieces at a very good price range.

Final Words

These are the top bathroom remodeling ideas that you can apply in your bathroom and people have different tastes. Even different locations inspire different ideas. Many things can come to bear over your remodeling ideas, however in an end; you must create something functional and peaceful for you & your whole family.