10 Tips for Improving Your Home Organization

It’s a wonderful feeling to go home in an organized and peaceful house after a long day at work. However, this not always the case especially when you’re a busy person who hardly finds time to clean and organize the house, more so if there are kids around. What you’ll usually find when you get home are a messy kitchen and cluttered rooms. There are also a lot of times when certain things are misplaced or you and your other family members tend to forget things because everything is unorganized.

Improving Your Home Organization

Keeping your home organized and tidy isn’t as difficult as you think. If you want to improve your home organization or improve how it looks with interior house painting, here are some stress-reducing tips that will solve most of the common home organization issues.

1. Declutter Before Buying Storage Containers

Storage containers are indeed helpful when it comes to organizing things at home. However, before you go out and buy one, you should first declutter your home. This way, you will be able to see how much things you will be storing and determine the size of the containers you need.

After decluttering and once you’ve got the containers you need, make sure to label them according to the things they contain. This will help you save time and find the things you need easier.

2.Throw Out Excess Things

Excess things are another reason why homes look cluttered. To avoid having too many things inside your house, follow the rule of throwing one out when bringing one in. Also, do not buy things that are just duplicate of those you already have. And if you really want to buy a new one, make sure that you will figure out what you’ll do with the old one before purchasing.

3. Add a Waste Basket

Trash also tends to accumulate in the living room. If this often happens in your home, it’s best to put a wastebasket to cut down the clutter. You can pick a stylish bin to match your living room’s style. And if you plan to throw away foods in it, make sure that you use deodorizing trash bags, and the wastebasket should have a lid to prevent it from smelling.

4. Create a Tool Organization System

One of the most organization issue at home is whenever you can’t find something you need. This is common especially in the garage where all the tools are kept. If you’re having the same problem, it’s best if you can make a tool organization system. It can be installing a pegboard on the wall where you can hang all the tools. More than keeping your things organized, tool organization systems can also alert you if something is missing.

5. Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter-Free

Things like papers, books, and magazines tend to accumulate the flat surfaces on most homes making it look cluttered. To avoid these, designate certain drawers where you can keep all of these things or have a stackable file cart if you do not have much floor space for cabinets. Also, teach your family to put papers in files instead of leaving them on the coffee table.

6. Put Labels on Laundry Baskets

Another often unorganized part of the house is the laundry area. This is the reason why clothes are sometimes lost or mixed up with other ones, and the one to blame will always be the one who does the laundry. To avoid lost items and mix-ups, it’s better for each family member to have their own laundry baskets with labels. This way, everyone can just pick up their personalized basket in the laundry room after you finish washing and drying them.

7. Create a Household Manual

Create a Household Manual


Aside from tools, another thing that most of us commonly misplace are notes, phone numbers, codes, and even medications. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to create a household manual. It can be a binder where you can put all of the important notes, phone numbers, and addresses in. It is easy to make and it can either be physical or digital. You can place your household manual in the kitchen.

8. Have a Central Charging Station

Some of the things that are always scattered throughout the house are chargers, phones, remote controls, and cords. To make it look tidy, you need to have a central charging station. This way, you will be able to hide the tangled cords and keep all of your electronic items together.

9. Use Bins to Hold Toys

Homes tend to be a bit messier when there are kids around. It is sometimes frustrating to see that they’ve created a mess right after you finish cleaning the house. To avoid having toys scattered all over the house, use bins that will hold them. Each container should hold toys of the same kind. You can also attach photos of the toys that each bin should contain. This way, you will be able to teach your children how to organize and where to put their toys after playing with them.

10. Teach Everyone in the House to Clean After Themselves

This is the most important part to improve your home organization. Everyone in your household should learn how to clean up their own mess. For example, in the bathroom, everyone at home should mind that there will be other people who will use that room so they need to keep it clean after every use. This should also be applied to the whole house to keep everything neat and clean.

Cleaning and keeping your home organized may seem like a daunting task but once you get used to it, staying organized will be part of your life. If you do not have much time to organize, eliminating clutter once in a while also helps. Because you have less clutter, the less time we spend on cleaning.