What are the benefits of Memory Foam

From time immemorial we are made to believe that the firmer your mattress is, the better it would be in terms of comfort and longevity. However, since its inception in 1960s, memory foams have completely transformed the mattress game. It is soft. It absorbs body heat. And, it has this revolutionary quality of contouring and moulding according to your body movements. This makes it an ideal deal for people who take their sleep pretty seriously. 

A variant of polyurethane foam, memory foam initially was introduced by NASA for helmets and seats padding. But soon after, owing to its contouring properties, it became popular in the mattress industry. Memory foams – since their inception were pretty expensive to be used commonly as sleeping mattresses. However, in the 1990s, almost 30 years after NASA’s original invention, they were commercialised and since then they have been a crowd pleaser. 

The Significance of Selecting the Right Mattress

We tend to spend a great fortune on our bedroom furniture. However, the best investment should be done on your mattress. Choosing the right bed mattress is significant for a good night’s sleep and makes you active and efficient for the day’s work.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the right mattress for you: 

  •  Stress Reduction

Are you looking for ways to reduce stress and feel better? A sound sleep is the first step towards a better and healthier morning. For that, you need a mattress that would ensure you are comfortable throughout the night.

  • Relief from Postural Strain

An average human being spend at least seven hours each night in sleeping. With the right kind of mattress, you can correct your posture and dodge the muscle strain caused by it.

  • Cure Insomnia

A woman sleeping soundly on a memory foam mattress. 

People who are sleep deprived or suffering from insomnia, should pay attention to little details when it comes to their sleep routine. A good mattress along with a consistent sleeping routine would aid you in sleeping well. 

What are the Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are known for their padding qualities. A combination of memory foam and springs – this mattress softens with the heat your body radiates. It is unique in the sense that it contours according to body’s movement and bounces back gradually on pressure to provide optimal support and comfort while sleeping.  It gets its name, “memory” owing to this quality of retrieving back to its shape slowly pertaining to the pressure put on it. Just like your hand’s prints on the sand when placed on it, this mattress memorizes the contours of your body and provides hugging comfort accordingly. 

Memory Foam vs. Spring Foams: Which One Should You Select

Spring mattresses preceded the commercialisation of memory mattresses. For a long period of time, spring mattresses were all the rage. They are still around the market and quite popular, so a buyer can get pretty confused between the two. 

A comfortable bed with memory foam mattress.

Spring mattresses are coil based mattresses that are prone to sagging with extended use. In comparison, memory foams are better and durable. Spring mattresses offer firm support but researches have shown that firmer isn’t always better contrary to the popular belief. Memory foams contour according to your body’s movement, making them a better choice to be used in longer term.  Spring mattresses are bouncy – the most common factor of their popularity among the masses. However, memory foams don’t bounce back as quicker. But, memory forms do mould according to your body’s pressure aiding in muscular pain.

Overall, memory foam mattresses are a better choice. Evaluate your needs and then make a conscious purchase.

Benefits of Memory Foam

Let’s have a look at the major benefits of a memory foam should you decide to have one:

1- Longevity and Durability

Memory foam beds last longer than an average spring or coil mattress. So, they are a better long term bedding investment. An average memory foam bed can last up to seven years or more in pristine condition. In comparison, a spring mattress can also survive for four years maximum before it starts sagging. Air beds, water beds – all may last up till ten years but they lose their shape, firmness and performance.

2- Easy Maintenance

 With a water mattress, you need to be incredibly careful. If you have little kids in the house, they are a serious no-no. A spring mattress needs to be flipped ever two-months or so for it to retain its shape. However, with memory foam beds, there are no such strings attached. An occasional vacuuming or casual turning is all you need for it to last a while. 

3- Memory Foam Beds are Hypoallergenic

Bed bugs and dust mites are a common issue with the conventional spring mattresses. The large spaces present within them, proves to be good inhabitants of mould, mites and other allergens – therefore, you need to be at the top of your cleaning game with them. However, memory foam mattresses have high density-structure, which provide no space to mites to engorge in stable food sources. This means, your memory foam mattresses would stay neat and clean.

4- Memory Foam Mattresses are Motion Absorbers

Partners in bed. 

The biggest perk of memory foam mattresses is their ability to absorb motion. If you are a light sleeper and share a bed with your partner, consider switching to memory foam mattresses. They isolate the motion in one area and the other partner will not feel a thing. 

5- An Efficient Pain Reliever

On traditional innerspring mattress, the entire pressure of the body comes to specific points, such as lower back and spine. This is why, often times you experience aching muscle after waking up in the morning. Memory foam mattresses distribute body’s weight equally and provide perfect spine alignment. This not only stops any pain that may occur but also aid in relieving the aches you might already have.  

  6- Customized Cosiness

Memory foam mattresses, when earlier introduced, were known to absorb body’s temperature and get hot pretty quickly. While, this quality was desirable during the colder months, they didn’t make the best choice of bedding during the hotter months. However, the newer versions are better in terms of airflow. You can also customize the density of your mattress from low, medium and high to meet your individual requirement. 

7- Cost Effectiveness

Memory foam mattresses had a repute of being exceptionally expensive. However, this is no longer the case. Memory foam mattresses are now available to fit in every budget. When you factor in their longevity and durability, they end up being more cost-effective than the regular mattresses.

Summing up, mattresses are one of the key investments that can majorly alter your lifestyle. If you share your bed with your partner, memory foam mattress is an excellent choice to absorb the individual motions of you two and provide comfortable sleep. Similarly, it can aid in managing your body aches well by distributing your weight uniformly and relieve your pressure points.