Massage Chair Benefits for the Body

If you don’t have the time or money to spend on a spa or masseuse, massage chairs are perfect for you. The massage chair was introduced in the late 1980s. It was made to emulate the motions and techniques of an actual masseuse. It also has the same goals as a body massage, which are to relieve tension, stress, and as well as alleviate body pains. 

Massage chairs have a wide range of settings, attachments, and variants. In fact, they are able to replace experienced masseurs while providing the same relaxing and revitalizing massage. Aside from the convenience it offers, it also comes with several benefits for the body. If you are looking into getting your own massage chair, here are the different benefits that it offers for your body.

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Improve Your Mood

Based on studies conducted years ago, massage chairs can help the body release several hormones responsible for the regulation of mood, anxiety, and overall mental health. These hormones include serotonin and endorphin. This means that when you sit on a massage chair, the production of serotonin will begin, leading to an increase in their levels. It can help reduce depression and anxiety levels, resulting in mental relaxation. 

Therefore, if you often have stressful days at work, a massage chair can help you ensure that your frustration from work will not spoil your personal life.

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Improve Breathing

The amount of air we can take on one single breath depends on the size of our lungs. Since our lungs are found within the chest cavity, it means that any reduction in the size of this cavity will also reduce our lung capacity. This can happen due to bad posture, which is usually experienced by people who work in offices or those who tend to sit the whole day. This can result in a reduced intake of oxygen. 

Massage chairs can help relax the muscles within the chest cavity and improve your posture as well. This enables the lungs to expand and take in more air, allowing you to make longer and deeper breaths, which can also help in reducing anxiety.

  • Massage Chairs Can Boost Immune System

When you spend 45 minutes on a massage chair, it can increase the number of lymphocytes in your body. These are white blood cells that help defend the body against ailments. They are also responsible for the immune response of your body. This means that the longer time you spend on a massage chair, the more you can resist sicknesses such as fever, cold, and flu. 

  • Massage Chairs Can Alleviate Pain and Headaches

Massage chairs, just like traditional massages, can alleviate all sorts of pain like body aches, headaches, and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Most massage chairs have the potential to ease regular pain, especially those with heating features. Based on the testimonies from pain sufferers, massage chairs were able to significantly reduced chronic pain or eliminated it entirely. Aside from that, a massage chair is a cheaper alternative in the long run compared to undergoing expensive physical therapy. 

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Regulate High Blood Pressure

Since massage chairs can help you achieve a feeling of total relaxation, it also helps keep your blood pressure down at the same time. It is similar to the effect of finishing a yoga workout or a good run. It lowers the blood pressure and slows down your heart rate. 

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Improve Your Sleep Quality

Massage chairs, just like massage therapy, can reduce fatigue and improve sleep. It means that having a massage chair is beneficial for those who are suffering from different disorders that affect the quality of sleep. Based on studies, using a massage chair can increase delta waves or the brain waves connected to deep sleep. This is the reason why most people drift off to sleep during a massage session.

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Improve Your Digestion

Aside from the relaxation that you can get from a massage chair, it can also help in improving your digestion. Since it promotes better blood circulation, your body organs are able to function at an optimal level, enabling your body to process foods more effectively. When the parasympathetic systems of the body are stimulated by a massage, it boosts organ functioning, that’s why foods can be broken down more efficiently to get the nutrients your body needs. Try using a massage chair a few hours after eating to see the improvement of your digestive system.

  • Massage Chairs Can Help You Get Beautiful Skin

Massage chairs can also help you achieve beautiful skin because it can get your skin heated up. This results in increased blood circulation to the skin in addition to other parts of your body. This is also the reason why we feel flushed after a massage session. When the blood circulation is well, the flow of nutrients to the skin will also improve. This results in the replacement of damaged cells and the faster growth of newer cells. It can improve the overall health of your skin cells, giving you a fresh glow. 

Aside from that, it can also get your sweat pores to open up, helping you get rid of the toxins in your body. This results in a cleaner body from within, giving you healthier and more beautiful skin. 

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Improve Your Posture

If you are usually stuck in a single, unnatural position for a long time, it can put severe pressure on your neck and spine, leading to a bad posture. This can also cause your muscles to get tired and fatigued. To prevent this from happening, using a massage chair regularly can help. It can relax your muscles, prevent them from remaining in the contracted state, and as well as set your spine back in place. It will help your muscles to recover from stress and remain flexible.

  • Massage Chairs Can Help Promote Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from injuries or accidents which cause severe physical damage, a massage chair can also help you recover fast. Just like massage therapy, it can help you in resolving pain issues. It can also provide comfort and relief from pain to help you achieve better sleep and relaxation. 

These are some of the benefits of massage chairs for the body. With these benefits, we can say that having a massage chair at home is a great investment. It can help you cut down on travel time and as well as in waiting for bookings. It also feels better to have a massage session in the comfort of your own home. We hope these benefits will convince you to have your very own massage chair at home.