Ways Your Life Changes After Marriage

Getting married is like starting a new chapter of your life with the person you love. Of course, living with your spouse might be the significant difference marriage brings in one’s life. But, there are several other changes that people go through after marriage. You start sharing everything from a room to your bank accounts. Having alone time becomes kind of a dream for many, and then you also have to learn to figure out where and when you will have to compromise. 

These are just the minor changes that marriage brings to every couple’s life. There are some other major changes that have effects on everything, including your personality and health – both mental and physical. 

Following are some ways your life changes after marriage:

1. Friends? Who? 

Most of us make promises with our friends that everything will stay the same even after getting married, and the meetups and fun weekends would still be for them. But who knew those promises would be broken even if you try not to? 

After getting married, most people tend to spend more time with their spouse than with friends. The reason can be the love and special affection they have for your partner. Moreover, after getting married, life is more about your home, partner, and the time you spend with him/her. 

Life after marriage can be so busy that you simply cannot get enough time to meet up with your friends very often. Even when you live in the same city, you hardly get to spend quality time with friends like you used to before marriage. So, if you are getting married, don’t make such promises to your friends because you don’t want to make them angry later. 

2. You Now Have Two Families

Before getting married, it’s just your own parents whom you must take out time for and visit often. But after getting married, it’s not just about your parents and family but also your spouse’s family. You will have to divide time for both sides as your in-laws are also your family now – be it your holidays or just a random visit; the equality must remain consistent. 

If you visit your parents one weekend, the following weekend is for your spouse’s parents. 

3. You Tend to Work Harder than Before 

As we mentioned before, after getting married, partners share everything. This sharing doesn’t only include household things or a house, but the successes of both partners are also shared. It is a fact that whenever you succeed at anything, your spouse would be equally happy with you and vice versa. 

Even when both partners have a job, something makes them feel more responsible and work harder because they believe that they are not working just for themselves alone but for their spouse. 

4. Say NO to Secrets

There are no secrets between husband and wife. This means it’s the end of the times when you had your privacy in your hands. In a marriage, secrets have no place to be, and you will get used to it sooner or later. Spouses become each other’s secret keepers, and there is no hiding in this relationship. Whatever you do and want to do, everything is common knowledge between you and your partner. You might think it is scary, but to be very honest, this “No Secret Policy” is very freeing. 

Actually, if there are secrets between a husband and wife, it can be a big issue later. Marrying someone requires complete trust and assurance that nothing will be hidden from the partner. 

5. The Sense of Commitment Gets Stronger 

Before you get married, commitment is not the way it becomes after being married. The sense of commitment becomes more vigorous and a source of strength and support for partners. In grief and happiness, you will always have your partner by your side. In a marriage, commitment means no backing off, no matter what the situation is, and that’s the beauty of marriage. 

When you know that your foundation is strong and you have someone committed to having your back whenever something goes, you become more fearless and confident. In happiness, being equally happy with your partner is also a commitment. 

6. Shared Finances 

Long gone are those days when you used to spend money, and nobody knew about it. After getting married, most couples get their finances merged, and joint accounts are a regular thing. However, if you are a free spender, you might find yourself in a bit of trouble because your spouse knows where you spent your money. 

You will find yourself spending your money differently, and saving them will become necessary more than a habit. You will spend not just on yourself, but on your partner too. 

7. Better General Health 

Happily married couples tend to enjoy better general health than people in unhealthy relationships or who are not married yet. One reason can be the carefulness towards their diet and exercise. 

But most probably, it is because your spouse is someone who is with you all the time and can notice whenever you are not yourself or not feeling okay. They will take you for regular checkups resulting in prevention from serious health issues. 

8. Phone Habits will Change 

Married people use their phones differently. After you are married, you might find yourself using your phone way less than you used to before getting married. You will prefer more face-to-face talks and discussions than over the phone. 

Moreover, most married couples just text each other to know what they are getting for dinner or why one of them got late and isn’t home yet? 

Despite the Changes, Marriage is What You Make It to Be 

Despite the Changes, Marriage is What You Make It to Be 

This is true that there are several things that must change after marriage, and there is no doubt that most of these changes are positive and great. But despite all the changes, it depends more on the couple how and what they want their marriage to be like. The family background plays a very significant role in this position. Having parents who led a healthy and successful marriage makes you want to have something like that for yourself too. 

However, on the darker side, when someone who never saw his/her parents leading a healthy relationship gets married, he/she is most probably scared and doesn’t know how to keep it healthy, unlike his/her parents. 

It depends more on how you perceive and understand your partner. After getting married, you will see every flaw of your partner and every drawback this might have. There is nothing hidden and comprising on many things becomes a must. If partners compromise and work hard to keep the relationship healthy and happy after getting married, they can do it for sure. 


As we mentioned earlier, marriage is like a brand new chapter of one’s life. Almost everything changes, including the lifestyle one had before marriage. Sharing everything and every day of your life might not seem easy at the start, but later with time, it becomes such a part of life that you will not be able to live your life alone anymore. Your spouse will always be there, playing a significant role in your daily routine and, of course, all the decisions you make.