Learn the Benefits of Gel Cushions Easing Long Periods of Sitting

Are you suffering from back, neck or shoulder strain? Do you spend long hours of your day sitting on a chair and by night you cannot straighten your back? A gel infused cushion might just be the answer for all your problems. And this article will tell you why.

An innovation and improvement to the good old memory foam cushions, gel infused cushions are a must have lifestyle product for today’s sedentary lifestyle. Memory foams till date stand to be the best invention of 1960s but they have their down moments. Two of the major issues with an otherwise great product were the absorption of body heat and slow bounce back time. In the 2000s, Peterson Chemical Technology introduced the gel infusion process and the market hasn’t been the same since then.

What is a Gel Infused Cushion?

As is evident from the name, gel cushions are the kind of memory foam cushions which have gel particles infused and spread evenly throughout them. They are designed to offer supreme support and target the issues of neck and spinal alignments. While memory foam contours around the shape of your body, gel infusion ensures that with the additional liquid properties it gets your body’s shape accurately providing maximum comfort. 

If you have been a memory foam cushion user, upgrade it to a gel cushion. Gel infused cushions are now being made to fit into your office chair, car seat, couch or even wheelchairs. So, adjusting it in your lifestyle would be a piece of cake.

Who needs a Gel Cushion?

Gel infused cushions is an invention, which can easily fit in your everyday lifestyle. From staying at home mommies to corporate workers to professional bikers – anyone can benefit from it. Gel cushions are exclusively designed to fit in office chairs, car seats, passenger seats and even on bikes.

Major Benefits of a Gel Cushion

Here is a breakdown of all the major benefits a gel cushion would offer you: 

1- A Comforting Cooling Effect

One of the major downsides of the memory foam mattresses, pillows and cushions was that they used to trap human body’s heat within hence it wouldn’t be an ideal situation to use them for longer hours. The issue of overheating was a result of two factors: the material used and its quality of being conformed to your body.

Woman sleeping comfortably with a gel infused cushion

Memory foams are desirable only because of their body hugging quality so something needed to be done without compromising on it. Hence, the manufacturers introduced gel beads infusion. Cooling effect is the core quality of a liquid. Combined with the memory foams, you get the same hugging comfort while staying cool all the time. 

2- Optimal Back Support

The outdated theory of firmer is better was rejected during the 1960s with the advent of memory foam. However, for people who have chronic back issues need optimal support. While memory foams seems overly comforting, there is a possibility of them proving a tad bit too soft for your requirements.

A man working with back support offered by a gel infused cushion

Gel cushions are more resilient as compared to the traditional foams or memory foams and don’t let you sink in. this in return offer you better support and aids you in coping up with the muscular pain. 

For individuals with no back pain, gel cushions aid in accommodating all the pressure points just like a memory foam sans the overheating. This ensures you can dodge the postural stress and alignment issues you may get from sitting for long hours. 

3- Ideal for Drivers

The irony of our present day sedentary lifestyle is that we are constantly sitting while we are on the go as well! People who have long commuting routes or who like to go on long drives as way of unwinding themselves, often experience lower back pain, strain around the neck and shoulders. Gel cushions specifically made for car seats can aid in combating these issues.

Even if you don’t drive to work yourself, you can still get a gel cushion to be used at the passenger seat. In case of longer commute, you can sit back, relax and go over your work notes on your way to the office.

In addition to providing ergonomic comfort, gel infusion also acts as a shock absorber, minimizing the risk of serious injuries in case of any collisions.  

4- On the Go Travel Companion

Have long flights lined up? Traveling as a passenger on train or tram? There are specifically designed gel cushions for traveling to ensure your comfort while on the go. Even avid travellers can become a victim of bad mood and agitation after long hours of traveling. In this scenario, instead of enjoying your destination, you would spend more time in re-gaining your energy. 

With gel infused travel cushions, you would not only enjoy the travelling part to its fullest but also reach your destination in a happy mood.

5- Increased Professional Productivity

In case you are in a profession that requires a lot of sitting – such as, banking, freelancing, copywriting, software development etc, you might be prone to work place boredom. Even if you work from home, staying focused on work while working from home can be a bit tricky.  Having an incredibly comfy work chair would automatically put you in good spirits and enhance your productivity at work.

Hacking your work chair with a gel cushion would offer you enhanced blood circulation, good posture and relieve in back pain. 

6- A Long Term Investment

With all the benefits they have to offer, gel infused cushions do come with a price range higher than the other products available in the market. However, they also tend to last longer than any other kind.  So, it is still a good deal. Get yourself a cushion of at least 4 to 5/cubic density and it would last you for a very long time. 

Gel cushions with aesthetically pleasing cushion covers

The longevity of gel cushions also depend upon the weight they are exposed to. So, keep checking your cushions for obvious signs of compression, wear and tear. The health benefits they offer in return of a slight price steep, are unmatchable though.

7- Safe for People with Allergies

Gel cushions are a heaven sent product with people with allergies. Gel cushions – itself are made from hypoallergenic material. Moreover, they also give no space to dust mites, and other allergens to inhabit the cushions. This makes them a smarter choice in comparison to the regular foam cushions.

Summing up, gel cushions are one of the best investments you can make on yourself. Instead of spending bucks on popping pills for managing your back and shoulder pain, invest on proper gel cushions to help you with comfortable seating. Spend on eradicating the root cause of your issue rather than addressing them later.