How to Stay Focused on Work When Working from Home

These days, numerous companies have introduced work from home policies. However, diversion can deeply disturb efficiency for those who have never worked remotely or do not have an organized workstation at home. Working from home in such depressing times can be very difficult.

Here are some tips to help you can use to stay focused and more productive throughout your day!

Stick to Your Usual Workday Routines

Although it seems easy to roll out of bed and over to your computer without changing out of your night suit, work ethics like these can be a real productivity killer. After some time, getting out of bed becomes hard, and your mind becomes dull. Many people report feeling lethargic and loss of focus. Therefore, if you want to be productive, you will have to put in some effort. One way of doing so is sticking to your usual routines. Start by waking up at the same workday timings as you usually do. Starting your morning at the same time helps your body stay active and focused and prepares your brain for a vigorous new day. 

As there is no rush of reaching your office, you can give some time to yourself as well. For instance, try doing a little workout: this step is extremely essential, especially during these depressing times when you are stuck at home. A quick workout session every morning can help you stretch out and feel fresh. Exercise also increases focus spans. We also recommend going out with SOPs, if possible. Even if you cannot leave the house or meet people, try doing all the activities you would do minus the commute. 

Get Dressed & Make Yourself a Healthy Breakfast


Now that you do not have to be afraid of getting late, you will have ample time to prepare your favorite breakfast and even try out new recipes. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast helps you stay focused and productive. We also recommend getting dressed up: you do not have to go overboard, casual clothing will suffice, for less is more. Even though you will be spending your day at home, dressing up will help you get out of your half-sleepy lazy mode. It is particularly helpful if you sleep now and then and take a nap after every few hours.

Have a Designated Workspace

An image showing a woman working from home. 

As most of us have never experienced work from home before, we do not have workstations at home; but now that we will be working from home for an uncertain time, it is better to make one! Choose a location in your house away from other family members where you can sit alone without any distractions to do your office work. If you do not have an office desk, now is the time to improvise! You can transform your dining room or even your dressing table into your office desk. Move it to any part of the house with minimum distractions, a good internet connection, and preferably a door, so while you are working, no one disturbs or distracts you, and you can have your own little personal space. Beware of spots that are too comfy, so you do not end up sleeping. Having a designated workspace will increase your focus, and now that you can set up your office according to your preferences, you will feel more comfortable and productive on your brand new work station.  

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Take Mini Breaks.

An image showing a cup of coffee with a coffee maker in the background. 

Even though work from home sounds like a break itself, it is imperative to take a short break every once in a while, probably after every forty-five minutes. While working at the office, you would unintentionally take breaks while talking to your coworkers or grabbing a quick snack; such short breaks would give you a chance to interact with people and joke around. However, now that you are alone at home, such opportunities do not present themselves naturally, so it is necessary to assign some short breaks yourself. It can be a brisk walk in the garden, a coffee break, a quick scroll through Instagram, or any activity of your choice as long as you are away from your workplace. When you come back, you will be re-energized and ready to work again without feeling tired and dull. This habit will also help you concentrate better at your work and relax and reset for later.  

Do Not Multitask!

An image showing a woman cradling a baby while working at her laptop.

Even though it sounds convenient to multitask and do your house chores and at the same time as when you are in a virtual meeting, it is a terrible idea! Avoid taking breaks to ‘go home’ during your office hours. Not only can it be a great distraction, but it will also end up with you being confused with very little work done. A better idea is to divide your hours between house chores and office work to avoid working over hours, for it can be a real hassle. It is better to finish your office work within your office hours, usually between 9 to 5, and later relax and carry out your routine daily work. Setting a fixed timetable will keep you organized and mentally relaxed, which is very important during a world pandemic. 

Good Communication is The Key

An image showing team members displaying unity and strength. 

While working from home, one thing you will need to work on is your communication skills. Now that you cannot see what your other team members are up to, neither can they just come and tap on your shoulder to ask you if they need something, it will prove beneficial to stay in touch and keep the team updated at all times. Ensure you are easily accessible during office hours via email, phone, video calls, or whatever way you feel comfortable. It will also help you set boundaries with your team members. Good communication between coworkers plays a leading role in the success of remote work culture! 

The Takeaway

Working from home allows us to rest more, take breaks whenever we want to, and tune in to whatever music we need at any volume. However, it also expects us to invoke motivation, overlook interruptions, and pound out a timetable that works, which can be a difficult task. Take advantage of this opportunity to award yourself the consent to logging off and set aside some ‘me time’, and complete the tasks you have been piling up. So worry less, spend time with your loved ones, and most importantly, stay home and stay safe!

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