Why Should You Write Diary Daily?

Self-expression is all about writing important things about yourself. Some people call it a diary, or some refer to it as a journal. It is a source or place where you can write down your feelings, thoughts, personal impressions, and memories. You can write it when you are happy, sad, healing, or you want to know yourself better. Writing a diary daily will help you to be creative and inspiring.

Apart from all this, you will be able to manifest the dreams that have been hidden in your mind and eyes. Nowadays, people tend to write blogs or make vlogs and record their daily lives on social media sites. We don’t even put pen to paper and write down our daily happenings. We can give it a try to keep it personal and to learn about ourselves. 

Why Should You Write Diary Daily?

1. You Will Know Yourself Better 

History teaches us that the Greek philosopher Socrates used a teaching method that included dialogues, questions, and answers between individuals. It reduced a problem to its lowest level. When writing a diary or journaling, it is very common to engage in similar forms of paper research, write down life questions, and answer them on our own.

The fact that you ultimately come to a final truth is less important than the actual process of expressing your internal reasoning and various points of view. The process of letting more than one point of view encourages you to witness to yourself, even though it may be insecure, fragmented or expressing conflicting emotions. It allows you to recognize your true complexity. 

2. You Will Express Yourself 

Writing a diary daily helps you to speak out your inner thoughts. It simply is a means of self-expression through writing, doodles, and drawings. All accentuate the actual text of what is written in the context. The doodles you draw on your daily diary can be as simple as butterflies drawn by a happy mind child or tornadoes on the edge of the paper drawn by a mentally disturbed teenager because of stress.

The mirror of expression by writing a diary daily allows you to say what would otherwise be too difficult to tell. It gives voice to the emotions you are holding inside you that might otherwise be deleted. It also allows you to repeat difficult conversations on paper. Having a blank page to fill is in many ways; an analogy to life, being expressed a letter and a doodle at a time. 

3. Allows You to Work through Hard Choices 

When life throws you a challenge, you can work on these challenges by writing them in your diary. You have to note the legal implications and emotional pain of difficult decisions. As an extreme example, a famous entry in the daily diary of Patrick Breen, a member of the ill-fated Donner Party, was trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1846-1847. It happened in winters, and some of them resorted to cannibalism.

4. You, Will, Develop Emotional Intimacy 

Writing a diary daily is not only a process of self-expression but also of self-reflection. Reading what you’ve written, whether it’s a recent post or several months or years ago, becomes a way to listen to yourself and experience the emotional landscape of who you are. By developing the feeling of intimacy with yourself, you open up the possibility of greater emotional intimacy with others.

5. It Feels Better to Put Your Thoughts on Paper 

Often, writing a diary daily is a safe place where you can release emotions or thoughts that may be too uncomfortable to be expressed in a more public setting. Whether it’s writing about love or crush, venting anger, or being the important place to mourn the loss of a loved one. It is a safe place to release your thoughts and emotions that might otherwise be suppressed in you.

6. It Makes Memories on the Paper 

Sometimes, you write the good or bad memories in your daily diary, which you can read later in your life. It brings out the memories and cherishes you or makes you sad, depending on the nature of memory. Writing a diary daily will help you make a written document of the memories in your current life. They are worth writing and reading later. 

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7. Brainstorms New Ideas 

Diary is a tool where you can write your ideas and brainstorm before taking a step in real life. Some artistic geniuses use the diary as a tool to create the ideas in real they have in their mind. Stanley Kubrick used the diary to come out with the title of one of the famous films. Being an average person, you can write ideas about your present and future or use them to achieve your goals. 

8. It Keeps the Secrets of Your Evolution 

Writing a diary not only simplifies the details that you have written in all that period but also helps you to know how your writing has changed over time. Your handwriting reveals the secret psychological state of your mind. It proves if you are bold and confident or stressed and sad about the happenings in your life. 

9. It Assesses Your Mistakes 

If you are going through some trauma or you made a mistake in real life, you can write it down in your daily diary. You will think of the consequences in every way to know where you made a mistake. It might help you to amend those mistakes if they are changeable. You will consider the main points that lead to the mistake. Hence, you will try not to make that mistake again or amend it. 

10. You Can Write It for Future to Look Back On 

Talking about a short period, say a year, you will look back on the person you were a year ago. You will get to know how you have developed as a person in the present and how you used to be. Sometimes you want to revisit the place and read about your feelings when you first saw it and when you saw it last time. Now you can compare the feelings that how you feel about that place in the present.

11. Practice a Foreign Language

If you are interested in learning different foreign languages, you can write it down in your diary. Also, you can improve the vocabulary of a foreign language. It will help you to learn a foreign language without worrying about mistakes.

12. It Improves Remembering Things 

Being a human, sometimes you cannot retain all of the information in your brain. Even if it is in your brain, you will find it hard to remember it. Sometimes you even forget the thing one said a moment ago. To retain it better, you can write down the things in your daily diary to remember them forever. It increases your brain development and memory.

Neurologically, when you hear something, your brain engages differently than when you write it down. Memory that you record in your brain does not differentiate important from non-important information. Writing it down in your daily diary will help you distinguish between the important and non-important information. It helps you remember the important stuff you want to. After a certain age, you might not remember what happened 20 or 30 years ago. If you write it down in your daily writing, you will be able to remember and cherish every moment that happened years ago. It helps you be productive, designs the life you want to live, and makes you the person you want to be!

13. Helps with Anxiety

Helps with Anxiety
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As human beings, people suffer from anxiety, depression, and hardships. Sometimes, these anxieties bottle up and explode, causing irreparable damage to our health, relationships, and self-image. A massive portion of the population doesn’t get or think it needs help with such thoughts until the damage is done. Studies have shown that putting your thoughts on paper has always been beneficial for mental health and reduces stress. 

It is really important to talk about depression, which most people don’t because they might feel awkward discussing it with others. But writing a diary can help with that. 

Keeping a journal or a diary and looking back on it always helps put things into perspective, as when you look back on it, you see what you were doing back then and look at it with a fresh mindset. This helps people realize their mistakes and eventually pushes them to get help if they are depressed. In addition, a diary can also help them get over their anxieties in tough situations by letting them practice the situation over and over again in their mind by writing about it in the diary and mentally facing it. 

14. Improves Writing and Communication Skills

Improves Writing and Communication Skills
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Keeping a daily journal or a diary helps a person develop their writing skills. For a youngster, keeping a diary is an excellent way to improve communication skills. You might be surprised to know that many people are fluent English speakers but lack writing English and sentence creativity. However, someone with a habit of writing his daily adventures and encounters in a diary would never have these problems as “practice makes perfect.” 

When you write a diary daily, you tend to express your thoughts, ideas, and how you would like to talk to others. It helps break the barrier between expressing your thoughts to others and how you do so because of all the practice you get by writing about it.


Keeping a diary has never been a bad idea. In this day and age, keeping a physical diary has gone down because of the digitization of everything, but getting away from the blue light and writing a diary in peace is soothing to the soul and often is addicting in a good way. Moreover, it also makes you look cool and classy.