3 Tips to Help You Get You Ready for Summer Pool and Beach Season

It’s almost here; the warm weather will be arriving very soon, and that means the start of summer pool and beach season. If you plan on heading to the beach to cool off in the sea, or a public pool, then you’re going to want to take a few steps to get swimsuit-ready. Becoming a bronzed goddess is much easier than you may think, and it doesn’t have to involve a lot of time and effort on your part. Here are the most useful tips that will help you to get ready for the summer pool and beach season.

Get an Instant Bronzed Look with Sunless Tanner

People’s knowledge of how damaging the sun’s rays are to the skin and body has increased dramatically over the past couple of decades. Lazing out in the sun, essentially baking your skin, is no longer something many people feel comfortable doing. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the bronzed summer skin look. Sunless tanners are a great and quick solution instead.

Because sunless tanners have a bit of a learning curve to them in terms of finding the right product, colour and application method, you’ll want to experiment before you head to the beach. For beginners, it can be best to choose a gradual tanner so that the results develop slowly over repeated applications. This can prevent the dreaded streaky look from occurring.

Treat Yourself to a New Swimsuit

Nothing fills you with confidence on the beach or poolside quite like a stylish new swimsuit that flatters your body. Many styles are trending for 2023 including two-piece and one-piece options. If you don’t want to be fussing with your swimsuit all day and prefer a bit of extra coverage, check out the hottest one-pieces for the season.

A few stylish features to look for in a new swimsuit include:

  • Bright colours
  • Floral prints
  • Cutouts
  • Textured fabric
  • Animal print

There are also swimsuits with built-in tummy control, underwire for better support, and thicker straps to offer a more secure fit.

Ditch the Razor and Try Laser Hair Removal

If it feels like you spend far too much time grooming in terms of shaving your legs, then it’s time to explore a better option. Laser hair removal can take care of the unwanted hair on your legs, as well as other areas of your body, giving you that smooth touch you’re after without the hassle. The procedure itself is fast and painless and works to target the hair follicle so that it is destroyed and unable to grow back.

The karmaholywood.co.uk skin care clinic even offers a free consultation before you book a treatment. A consultation with a laser hair removal clinic or technician is a great way to discuss if you’re an ideal candidate for laser hair removal, what kind of results you can expect, and what areas can be treated.

These tips will help you to feel confident and look fabulous all summer long.