How To Take the Stress Out of Choosing an Engagement Ring

Traditionally the person asking for their partner’s hand in marriage has already brought them an engagement ring, they then get down on one knee and ask their intended to marry them while holding a ring box aloft. This looks romantic in all the movies but getting to that point isn’t always simple. It is difficult enough trying to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, let alone having to choose a ring they would love from all of those on offer. If choosing a ring for your beloved has left you feeling stressed out, read on for some tips on how to make the process simpler.

Identify Your Budget

Firstly, you need to decide how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring. There is no point in getting into lots of debt to buy the engagement ring, the wedding will be expensive enough after all.

Consider Their Style

Consider what style of jewellery, if any, your beloved likes to wear. For example, are they more of a silver or gold wearer, do they like to wear dazzling gemstones, or do they prefer understated jewellery? Once you have considered their style you can narrow down your options and the process start to become less stressful.

Do Some Detective Work

Steer the conversation around to jewellery by commenting on a piece they are wearing or subtly asking about their preferences.  Dropping this into conversation over a few weeks will make your comments seem less obvious and you can still surprise your intended with your proposal, but you will be happy in the knowledge that they will love the ring you are offering them.

Enlist Some Help

If you are still struggling, it might be time to call for some help. Your intended’s best friend or a close family member may be best placed to help you. They may have already discussed their ideal engagement ring over a glass or two of wine and you may find that someone who knows your partner well will know exactly what type of engagement ring they would like. Take them shopping with you so that they can help you pick out the perfect ring.

Create Your Own

If you can’t find the perfect ring for your proposal, then don’t despair. Many companies such as Chapter 79 will create a bespoke engagement ring based on your own design and preferences. This way you can propose with a ring that will be personal to the two of you and you won’t see other people wearing the same design.

Ask Them

If you are still stumped then why not break with tradition and ask them outright.  You can still propose and make a grand gesture, you could even buy an inexpensive ring so that you have a ring to offer but once they have said yes, take them ring shopping for the perfect engagement ring that will last a lifetime.

Finding the right ring for your marriage proposal doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these simple tips to take the headache out of choosing the right jewellery. Now all you must do is hope they say yes.