Tips for Renovating a Period Property

Renovating a period property requires a unique set of skills and considerations. Whether you’ve recently purchased a period home, or you’re thinking about updating your current residence, there are several tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful renovation. In this article, we’ll outline five tips to help you tackle your period property renovation project.

1. Research the History of Your Home

Before you begin any renovation project on a period property, take some time to research the history of your home. Understanding the era in which your property was built, the architectural style and any notable features can help you make informed decisions about the renovations you undertake. For example, if your property is an Art Deco-style building, your renovation should preserve the unique features of this architectural style, such as curved walls and geometric shapes. In a Victorian property, original fireplaces, such as those from, add a lot of ambience.

2. Hire an Experienced Contractor

Working with an experienced contractor is crucial when renovating a period property. Look for someone with years of experience working on historical homes and an understanding of the unique challenges these types of properties can present. An experienced contractor can help you identify any hidden issues that may arise during the renovation process and develop a strategy for preserving and enhancing the historical aspects of your home.

3. Pay Attention to Details

When renovating a period property, it’s the little details that count. It’s important to keep the original character and charm of your home intact while updating it to meet your modern living requirements. From the type of paint and finish you use to the window hardware and light fixtures you install, every detail should be considered to ensure your renovation project is cohesive and suits the era in which your property was built.

4. Focus on Energy Efficiency

While it’s crucial to maintain the charm and character of your period property, it’s equally important to upgrade it to modern energy efficiency standards. Be sure to install energy-efficient windows and insulation to make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills. These upgrades can help you maintain the character of your property while making it more sustainable for the future. For large projects, its important to find the right commercial painter for your space.

5. Understand Restrictions and Regulations

When renovating a period property, it’s important to understand any restrictions and regulations that may apply to your project. Depending on the age and historical significance of your home, there may be restrictions on what you can and cannot do, for example, if the property is Grade II listed. Be sure to research the restrictions and regulations that apply to your property and work with an experienced contractor to develop a plan that complies with these regulations.

Renovating a period property requires a delicate balance between preserving the historical charm and character of your home while also updating it to meet modern living requirements. Remember, the key to a successful renovation is taking the time to plan and prepare, so don’t rush the process and enjoy the journey of bringing new life to your historical home.