Blog Sites and Resources for Marriage Improvement

Marriage, also known as matrimony, is the legal union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. It is the joining of two people who are in love with each other and giving a promise until death. Unfortunately, some marriages are being cut short by divorce because of different conflicts. However, separation and divorce aren’t always the solution to marriage issues.

If you’re experiencing certain problems in your relationship with your husband or wife, you might also want to consider consulting with people who have been through similar situations. Since the internet can give us a lot of information, you can find websites that may help with your marriage problem. Here are some of the blog sites you can visit that might inspire and encourage you to fight for your relationship.


This website is created by a couple named Casey and Meygan. They use it to share the difficulties they’ve experienced in their married life and how they managed to strengthen it. This website contains a lot of advice on how to find hope in your marriage during rough times.

Fierce Marriage

This website is owned by Ryan and Selena. They share here blog posts about their marriage’s trials and joys as well. They also post advice for married people which are based on their experiences.

Unveiled Wife

This is a personal blog site of Jennifer Smith. She started it in March 2011 to share the struggles and healing she experienced in her married life. If you’re a wife who is looking for some encouragement, you might want to try visiting this blog site. You will find a lot of inspiring posts here.

The Couple’s Institute

This website is owned by Dr. Peter Pearson and Dr. Ellyn Bader. They are also the founders of The Couple’s Institute in California. They have blog posts on this website where you can read encouraging entries about marriage and family life. These posts can help you and your partner to overcome difficulties and evolve as lovers and as friends at the same time.

Stay Married

Couple Michelle and Tony created this blog site because they’ve witnessed a lot of couples who got separated and divorced. It started when Michelle began tweeting some advice using the hashtag #staymarried. When her tweets received a lot of feedback and thankfulness, she and her husband Tony decided to create a blog site about it where they share more encouraging posts.

Simple Marriage

This blog site is owned by a marriage and family therapist named Dr. Corey Allen. He aims to help couples to be passionate and to grow deeper spiritually. If you have misunderstandings or problems with your husband or wife, this site may help you figure things out and fix them.

Happy Wives Club

This website is filled with ideas about adding some fun in your married life. If you’re thinking of surprising your husband, or you want to spend a date night at home, you will find a lot of suggestions here.

Love Relations

This website is created by David and Ruth Perl who have been together for over thirty years. Their blog posts can give advice about separation, men and women’s issues, anxiety, depression, affair recovery, anger management, and many more.

Refine Us

This blog is where the couple Trish and Justin post their stories about failure, loss, and transformation as individuals and as a couple towards having a healthy marriage and family. There many inspiring posts here that will give encouragements to couples who are going through certain problems.

Married and Young

This is a website by Jamal and Natasha Miller. This is where they share their marriage journey with everyone. They aim to help in increasing the marriage rate and decrease the divorce rate in the world by spreading encouragements to singles, engaged partners, and newly married couples.

For Your Marriage

The blog posts on this website are owned by best friends Sarah and Daniel who married each other in 2009. Their posts contain their experiences as a married couple. It also includes some stories about their journey as parents. Their stories can give you motivation on how to enjoy life with your own family.

Reading other people’s journey in saving their relationships are truly encouraging. It’s also good to know that some people are a concern with others and are willing to help them go through the difficulties in their marriage. These are just some of the many blogs and resources you can find online.