Self-Improvement Resources

Focusing on self-improvement can help us welcome new opportunities, gain self-confidence, and simply become a better version of ourselves. Self-improvement has different areas and it depends on us which areas about ourselves we want to improve. Here is a list of some self-improvement resources that might be beneficial for you.

Time Management and Productivity

If you’re working, studying, or managing a business, these applications might help you with planning your activities and setting your schedules to be more productive.

Remember the Milk

This app can help you organize time and managing tasks. It is for Android, IOS, 
Twitter, Gmail, and Google Calendar. It can also send you reminders about your pending tasks. It is ideal for students and for people who need to balance work and family.


This is a free note-making application with a good organization feature. It can synchronize your files from different platforms and save them on the cloud for you to edit from anywhere with the use of any device.

Simple Note

This app can help you keep notes, lists, ideas, and more. You can use it via your mobile, computer, or any other device. It has also a tagging feature for you to easily find notes. You can also share your lists or thoughts with others using this app.


This app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. It enables you to easily capture ideas and reminders. You can also organize your to-do work, household lists, and grocery lists.

Rescue Time

This app is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. It will enable you to track the amount of time you spend on certain websites and applications. It can also send weekly reports to show you how you spent most of your time. It can help you realize the timewasters, and it can also show you how you could be more productive.

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How to Beat Bad Habits

The resources in this category might help you let go of your bad habits and guide you in developing good ones.

Develop Good Habits

This website is owned by Steve Scott. His website has lots of blog posts about eliminating bad habits, how to make improvements to your existing habits, how to create major life changes, and many more.


This website features a lot of issues about personal development. One of the topics they have is about breaking bad habits. It also features topics about developing an attitude and having a positive mindset.

Aging Care

This site also discusses bad habits and how they happen even to good people. Part of those discussions are some tips on how to beat these bad habits.

Successful Marriage

If you and your partner are going through misunderstandings or problems in the family, or if you have some questions about your marriage, you can get some wonderful advice and insights through these resources.

The Couple’s Institute

The blog posts on this website are about marriage and family life. These posts can help you and your partner to overcome difficulties and evolve as lovers and as friends at the same time.


This website is committed to providing information that supports healthy and happy marriages. You can find here articles which can help you get on the path to be happy in your married life.

Relationship Tips 4U

This website is an innovative online platform where you can read news, tips, and advice which can help you enhance your current relationship and improving it as well to make it more sustainable for you and your spouse.

Power of Two

The mission of this website is to help couples live happier, healthier, and more loving lives together. They provide information about communication improvement and building trust. It can teach couples how to maintain an emotionally calm relationship.

How to Achieve Goals

These sites can give you some insights and stories that will help you keep your focus on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Personal Excellence

The goal of this website is to help people achieve their highest potential in life. It will teach you how to do your best in everything and as well as living your most meaningful life.

Michael Hyatt

This website can teach you on how to be successful in your relationships with family and friends, your health, your spiritual and intellectual growth, your passions and interests, and your legacy in the lives of people around you.

Mind Tools

This website features the golden rules of goal setting. These rules will teach you how to set yourself up to become successful.

How to Gain Self-confidence & Self-Esteem

If you’re aiming at a certain goal but doubting yourself that you can do it, these sites can change the way you think about yourself and they can help boost your self-confidence.

Zen Habits

This is a motivational blog which can encourage you to be confident in everything you do. It features posts about being courageous in facing new challenges, getting in touch with fear and uncertainty, and many others.

The Positivity Blog

This website will teach you how to increase your self-esteem and confidence as well as how to improve your relationships and social skills. It offers practical personal development advice and step-by-step strategies which you can apply in real life to produce positive results.

Live Bold & Bloom

This website features posts about boosting self-confidence. Aside from articles, they also provide resources about increasing self-esteem.

How to Be Happy

Happiness is something almost everyone wants to achieve. These sites can give you some ideas and advice on how to be truly happy.

Tiny Buddha

This website is a resource for peace and happiness. It features stories, tips, and insights from readers of all ages from different places. The posts are about happiness, love, relationships, meaning, simplicity, and many more.

Greater Good Magazine

This site features posts which are all about happiness. It discusses the definition of happiness, its limitations, and many others.

Life Coach Spotter

This site features a complete guide on how to be happy. It tackles the science behind happiness and the steps you need to take to become happy.

How to Manage Anger and Learn to Forgive

Keeping a grudge on something isn’t healthy for both mind and body. These resources can guide you on how to manage your anger and they can also teach you the art of forgiving.

Good Therapy

This site discusses different topics about anger management such as how it works, its roots, its limitations and many more.

Anger Management Resource

This website is for those who got disconnected from a great inner resource which resulted in having anger problems. It includes anger tests, counseling, as well as different stories from readers.

The Forgiveness Project

This site uses true to life stories of people about forgiveness. It encourages people to move away from resentment, retaliation, and revenge and teaches them alternatives for those.

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How to Live a Meaningful Life

Sometimes we wonder how we can live a meaningful life. These sites might be able to give you some answers.

Good Life Zen

This site provides weekly inspiration about life and about how to make your dreams come true. It teaches people positivity to be able to live a meaningful life.

Stephen Guise

This blog site is all about how to stay motivated in life. The content of this blog is inspiring and would truly help people live a meaningful life.


The Meaningful Life Center is all about how people can fulfill their purpose in life and live a meaningful life.

Road to Being Fit and Healthy

It is important to keep our body fit and healthy. These apps might be useful if you’re looking for something to use which can monitor your fitness activities as well as your diet.

My Fitness Pal

This fitness app will help you lose weight. It will assist you in tracking the foods you eat by counting calories. It’s easy to use and it will not take much of your time.


Edomondo is a sports tracker app. It like you have your personal trainer in your pocket. The mission of this app is to motivate people to stay active.

Gain Fitness

Through this app, you can get your personal trainer and self-guided workouts. It can help you get fit anytime and anywhere.

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

If you’re dealing with a certain fear or if you’re stuck in negative thoughts, these websites might be able to give you some advice on how to overcome them step by step.

Stop Breathe Think

This is an app which will constantly check on how you are feeling. It also has activities which are tuned to your emotions. It can also teach you about meditation and it will show you your progress in overcoming your anxiety and other emotional stress.

Thought Catalog

This is a blog site which features different topics including fear and anxiety. Its posts are motivational and inspiring and it will teach you a lot about self-worth and to be brave in facing life’s challenges.

Uncommon Help

This site is a self-help guide which offers therapy training programs for people who are struggling with anxiety. It also features audio and articles to make people feel better.

These are just some of the many resources available online, but we hope that these will be able to help you start with your self-improvement plan. Whenever you’ll be needing something to motivate you, or if you need some advice and guidance about certain things, you can turn to these resources to find inspiration.