Self-Improvement Resources
Self Improvement

Self-Improvement Resources

Focusing on self-improvement can help us welcome new opportunities, gain self-confidence, and simply become a better version of ourselves. Self-improvement has different areas and it depends on us which areas about ourselves we want to improve. Here is a list of some self-improvement resources that might be beneficial for you.

Time Management and Productivity

If you’re working, studying, or managing a business, these applications might help you with planning your activities and setting your schedules to be more productive.

  1. Remember the Milk
  2. Evernote
  3. Simple Note
  4. Wunderlist
  5. Rescue Time
  6. Toggl
  7. Boomerang
  8. Stickk
  9. Log Me In
  10. Workflowy

How to Beat Bad Habits

The resources in this category might help you let go of your bad habits and guide you in developing good ones.

  1. Develop Good Habits
  2. Real Buzz
  3. Reader’s Digest
  4. Success
  5. Aging Care

Successful Marriage

If you and your partner are going through misunderstandings or problems in the family, or if you have some questions about your marriage, you can get some wonderful advice and insights through these resources.

  1. Psychology Today
  2. Freedom to Marry
  3. Two of Us
  4. Marriage
  5. Relationship Tips 4U
  6. Power of Two
  7. Desiring God
  8. The Spruce
  9. Focus on the Family
  10. Growthtrac

How to Achieve Goals

These sites can give you some insights and stories that will help you keep your focus on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

  1. Personal Excellence
  2. Myrkothum
  3. Michael Hyatt
  4. James Clear
  5. Mind Tools

How to Gain Self-confidence & Self-esteem

If you’re aiming on a certain goal but doubting yourself that you can do it, these sites can change the way you think about yourself and they can help boost your self-confidence.

  1. Zen Habits
  2. Brian Tracy
  3. Want2Discover
  4. The Positivity Blog
  5. Psych Central
  6. Live Bold & Bloom
  7. Marc & Angel
  8. Steven Aitchison
  9. Tiny Buddha
  10. Self Help

How to Be Happy

Happiness is something almost everyone wants to achieve. These sites can give you some ideas and advice on how to be truly happy.

  1. Greater Good Magazine
  2. Greatist
  3. Chris Winfield
  4. Sparring Mind
  5. Life Coach Spotter

How to Manage Anger and Learn to Forgive

Keeping a grudge on something or someone isn’t healthy for both mind and body. These resources can guide you on how to manage your anger and they can also teach you the art of forgiving.

  1. Think Simple Now
  2. Psychology Today
  3. Good Therapy
  4. Anger Management Resource
  5. Real Simple
  6. Kids Health
  7. Live Strong
  8. The Forgiveness Project
  9. Wayne Dyer
  10. The Law of Attraction

Life Lessons

We all carry a lesson with us through our experiences. These websites share some life lessons that are inspiring.

  1. Mark Manson
  2. Pop Sugar
  3. The Minimalists
  4. Lifehack
  5. Pocket Mindfulness

How to Live a Meaningful Life

Sometimes we wonder how we can live a meaningful life. These sites might be able to give you some answers.

  1. Good Life Zen
  2. Bounce
  3. Buffer Social
  4. Scientific American
  5. Stephen Guise
  6. BBC Future
  7. Inc
  8. Psychologies
  9. The MLC
  10. Prevention

Road to Being Fit and Healthy

It is important to keep our body fit and healthy. These apps might be useful if you’re looking for something to use which can monitor your fitness activities as well as your diet.

  1. My Fitness Pal
  2. Edomondo
  3. Gain Fitness
  4. Simplify Supper
  5. Foodista
  6. Cody
  7. Fooducate

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

If you’re dealing with a certain fear or if you’re stuck in negative thoughts, these websites might be able to give you some advice on how to overcome them step by step.

  1. Pick the Brain
  2. Stop Breathe Think
  3. Wake Up Cloud
  4. Huffpost
  5. DIY Video Guy
  6. Thought Catalog
  7. Unstuck
  8. Business Insider
  9. ADAA
  10. Uncommon Help

These are just some of the many resources available online.  These resources can be a good starting point to get help with your self-improvement goals.