Resources on Finding Your Career Path

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.”

-Carlton Fisk

Career is the progress and action taken by a person throughout a lifetime. It is a metaphorical journey through learning, working, and other aspects of life. However, finding your career path is also a challenge. Sometimes you’ll realize that the career you’ve always dreamed of isn’t the one meant for you. There are also times when you just want to try out something new and explore a different field. Having a career isn’t just about landing a certain job you want, but also about how to be successful to be able to keep your job or even get a promotion.

If you’re a fresh graduate, or simply someone looking for a new career or some motivation, here are some resources that may give you ideas for finding your career path. And if you are still a student, read how you can cope with social anxiety here. 

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Career Blogs

If you have questions about searching for a job, or if you need some advice on finding your career path, or maybe improving your business, these blogs might give you insights.

Prolific Living

This blog is owned by Farnoosh Brock. She left a successful corporate career to pursue her goal which is to help others to lead passion-driven lives. She offers advice on getting to know yourself, finding your path, and staying motivated in your job. Reading this blog is best for those who are looking for inspiration with their work.


This blog is for those who have online businesses or those who are considering becoming professional bloggers. It provides marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers. It was founded by Kristi Hines who is a freelance writer and a professional blogger.

Brazen Life

Articles in this blog provide advice on different career situations. It is helpful for those who are looking for a job or aiming for career advancement.

College Info Geek

This blog was created by Thomas Frank for college students to learn how to build an amazing college career. It includes study hacks and tips on how to promote themselves to get their dream job.

Social Hire

This is an advice site for job seekers as well as recruiters who want to figure out how they can use social media in hiring and in searching for jobs. They feature expert contributors and guest bloggers who give helpful career advice.

Career Bliss

This blog contains a lot of advice about job interviews, creating a resume, and how to handle your relationships with workmates.

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Career Apps

Other than blogs, there are also various apps available that you can use which may help you with your career. Whether you’re job hunting, revamping your resume, or getting ready for your interview, these apps can lend you a hand.

This is a free app that can create a resume for you. It can dress up your resume with eye-catching and smart designs. It can also create an infographic about your experiences which you can place on social media sites such as LinkedIn. If you’re tired of looking at your resume made using Microsoft Word, then try using this app for a major upgrade.


Aside from being a job search app, Glassdoor is also a career community which can show you an overview of a certain company for which you are planning to apply. You can read here reviews about a company, its CEO, and as well as salary reports. Current and former employees of different companies also share office photos here.

Interview Prep Questions

If you have an upcoming job interview, this app might be helpful for you. It can help you practice answering different interview questions.

Good Job

This app can organize your job searches. It can store contacts, keep track of the resumes you’ve sent, and take note of how your interviews went. It can also keep a log of follow-up emails as well as emails that need to be done.


This app is for those who are looking for paid internships in global organizations.

Pocket Resume

This is an app which allows you to create, maintain, and email your resume from your Apple device. It simplifies the task of creating a resume by providing you with a layout.

These are a few of the many blog and app resources you can find online; we hope that they will help you in finding your career path. Other than reading advice from these resources, another good way to be successful in whatever career you choose is by working hard and always believing in yourself.