Quest Rooms Can Help Boost Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Quest rooms are themes in a fashion where the group of people must work as a team to escape the room; they must achieve all of this within a lot of time frame. We base quest rooms on a variety of different locations, themes, and scenarios: your children will join a group that must work together to solve riddles, clues, and puzzles. These rooms are proven to help boost your child’s cognitive development and teamwork skills. Contact the team at escape rooms in Edmonton or Calgary today for more information.

Boost Your Child’s Memory

Research is indicated that puzzles and other games that encourage your children to think their way through problems can help boost their memory skills. If you’re worried about your child’s grades, the more quizzes and tests that they take, the more puzzles that they solve will help reduce any stress and anxiety that they have when I put under pressure. This is a massive advantage that children can learn from using classrooms as it helps them improve their concentration, remain focused, and also boost their memory.

Helps In Developing Analytical Skills

Teen boy with mother reaching for something in quest room
Interested teen boy with his mother reaching for something in quest room designed as underground shelter, trying to find clue

According to a study on kids, puzzles are beneficial for developing fine analytical and technical skills. This is also known as spatial awareness or hand-eye coordination. As the kids get older, the knowledge and understanding of this world also keep growing, and doing such unique tasks helps develop their ability to judge distances. 

Increases Communication Skills and Social Ability

Tweenagers trying to find solution of conundrum in quest room
Excited tweenagers trying to find solution of conundrum in quest room designed as old home library

Just like adults, kids also require social interaction. When we face adversity, we are often asked to communicate with people around us to understand the situation, find a solution and overcome it. Similarly, quests or escape rooms like Mayan Escape put the team in a position where it becomes essential to communicate with each other to find a solution.

Over time, they will get more immersed in this virtual world, where they will interact more and more. Hence quest rooms revive this inner desire to talk to people, discuss solutions, and overcome obstacles as a group.

Great for Improving Cognition

Ideas and brainstorm concept. Happy child school student with lightbulb and chalk question marks
Ideas and brainstorm concept. Happy child school student with lightbulb and chalk question marks

Quest room is designed to provide a new learning method for the kids and groom their abilities. In the quest room, the kids are temporarily detached from the real world, and they enter an unknown area of a room or science lab. They suddenly get into a situation in which they are compelled to acquire and use knowledge of this alternate world and apply it to get out in intriguing ways. 

This allows them to think critically about the new information and use it side-by-side to achieve objectives. When they complete the challenge, their ability to absorb, process, and apply information increases accordingly. 

According to a study, quest rooms positively impact children’s cognitive functions. 

Increase the Level of Happiness and Satisfaction

Portrait Of Smiling Male And Female Students In Grade School Classroom
Portrait Of Smiling Male And Female Students In Grade School Classroom

Besides playing the game in the alternate world, they also get joy and satisfaction from completing challenges with the new information they have just learned. As our adrenaline level rises during the quest room, completing it feels like a true accomplishment. 

Teamwork and this sense of accomplishment are important factors to happiness and satisfaction, which are achieved through these quest rooms.

A Great Way of Getting Physical Exercise

Quest rooms are a great way of getting a daily recommended dose of physical exercise. Kids are often told they need to exercise, but no one likes to jog every day or do 500 burpees. If we make the exercise fun and enjoyable, they’ll be willing to do it more frequently. 

The 1-hour worth of exercise during the Mayan temple experience can be an excellent way to train your kid’s brain, heart, and muscles. In the game, training is a combination of reactions, bursts, and endurance to give the kids a good dose of their physical exercise.

A Great Way of Creating Unique Memories

Kids having fun together
Group of kids playing with soap bubbles in forest. Boy blowing soap bubbles with friends trying to catch the bubbles.

When the children finish the first escape room, they’ll feel proud of themselves when they realize that they have accomplished something significant. They work together against all the odds while considering that they have to think “outside the box.”

So, throughout the experience, the whole reflection of the good and the bad times start taking place. They will create memories that they’ll never forget at the end of the day, including how they finished the game as a group. This sense of accomplishment is what they should take away from this experience; an unforgettable time with unforgettable people.

Learn to Work as Part of a Team

Children and parents who learn to work together what communicate better have more self-confidence and will learn to listen and bond with each other. When combining all these abilities using quest rooms to enhance your child’s teamwork abilities, even among groups of friends, can give them a skill set to carry forward for the rest of their life. Learning to work as part of a team who also have booster confidence they’re listening skills and communication skills, all of which will be necessary to complete the puzzles in the classroom. If every team member takes part and is listened to when they offer a suggestion, the chance of success in your quest is much higher. This teaches children to trust each other and the bond between understanding that two heads are better than one and that if you have a problem, you can share it.

The questions at Escape Hour in Calgary in Edmonton help children, adolescents, and parents to improve and develop strong cognitive skills. It also provides parents with a valuable escape on an excellent alternative to standard bookwork. The clues Ritalin puzzles you’ll find in these questions will require a variety of different approaches to find the solutions needed. Regularly exercise your child’s brain in Escape our while taking advantage of our secure locker room while enjoying the facility.