Real Estate Postcards: How They Increase Your Potential for More Clients

As a realtor, you know how important networking is to find new clients and maintain your relationships with current clients. Forming meaningful relationships is paramount to your success.

There are multiple ways to do that, including hosting events like open houses, which is time-consuming but can be effective. What if there was a way to reach hundreds of people at once?

Real estate postcards are the perfect way to effectively reach a large audience and build your network of potential clients. Companies like Wise Pelican make it easy to get started and consistently stay in touch with your real estate farm.  Read on to see how mailing out postcards can help you get more listings.

Start in an Area With 6% Turnover

It makes sense to find an area where people are moving in and out somewhat regularly, as they’ll need real estate services. 6% is a good target percentage to start. Make sure the area isn’t already saturated with other agents’ postcards, so yours don’t get lost or dismissed.

Even better is if you can start where you live. If you’re someone local to the neighborhood, people will recognize you on the postcard and hopefully have positive memories of interactions with you. You’ve invested in your community, and people will remember that when they see your real estate postcards.

Consistency is Key

The important thing is to make sure you’re consistently mailing out real estate postcards. At a minimum, you should send postcards once a month, but for the first eight weeks, it’s recommended to send them more frequently (but don’t do it more than once a week, so people don’t get annoyed).

It’s also a good rule to keep your overall designs consistent. Even if the content differs, you want to ensure your brand, contact info, and messaging—such as a slogan—stays the same. This will help to reinforce how people remember you.

Last but not least, make sure you’re reaching out to the same area.

Be Patient and Remember: Quality, Not Quantity

It will take some time to see returns on your investment, but this is okay. The point is not to send as many postcards as possible and cast a wide net in the hopes of catching a listing right away. You want to build lasting relationships, and that’s not something done quickly.

When you start getting new listings, you will quickly see how your investment pays off. The process is easier than ever with ready-made templates to choose from. Once the initial design is set up, your postcards will be sent out on your timetable. The whole process is automated for maximum efficiency.

Real Estate Postcards Are Integral to Building a Client Base

Whether you’re just starting as an agent or a seasoned realtor with an established brand, real estate postcards are the best way to build your business to levels beyond what you could have imagined. Stay the course, and your audience will remember you when the time comes.