How to Win at FreeCell Solitaire Online

Solitaire is among the most classic and popular card games in the world. It can be played in a physical casino and even at home if you own a deck of cards. But with the advancement of technology, people are able to play it on their computers. In fact, it is one of the earliest games that were developed for PC. Today, players all over the world can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere they are through various devices. This is because it is now available to play online.

There are many different varieties of Solitaire that you can enjoy. Among those, one of the best is FreeCell. This type of Solitaire is a bit different from other types. In a game of FreeCell, all of the cards are dealt face-up from the start of the game. But it is also played using the standard 52-card deck. Out of all the other variants of Solitaire, FreeCell has the highest odds of winning. In fact, you can win almost all of the games when you have great gameplay.

However, like all other games, learning and understanding the rules of FreeCell Solitaire is the best thing that will help boost your chances of winning. To win the game, you need to build foundation piles by suit from Ace to King. As mentioned earlier, the cards are all dealt face-up. The empty free cells will hold the cards during the play. Having a great strategy is something that will help you win. If you are curious about this, read on as we’re giving you some tips on how to win at FreeCell Solitaire online.

Understand that goal of the game

Like other games, you should not start any card game without understanding the objective. In the game of FreeCell, the objective is to arrange the cards in ascending order to the foundation piles. You need to end up with the four cells, each having 13 cards from Ace-2-3-4 up to the King. Keep in mind that each of the stacks needs to have matching suits.

Analyze the tableau wisely

Before you begin moving the cards, you first need to study the layout. Try to locate the problematic parts, like Aces and low cards that are buried underneath the tableau. After that, make a plan on how you will move the cards. You also need to be careful of the obvious moves because there are times when they are not the best moves to make.

Free the Aces as soon as you can

a deck of playing cards

If the Aces and twos are buried deep by other cards of higher ranks, you need to free them as soon as you can. What you can do is move them to home cells, as this will provide you a rough idea of how you can move the other cards. Keep in mind that the cards are arranged in ascending order. Therefore, if the Aces are blocked by other cards, it may not be possible to go far in the game.

Try your best to keep the free cells empty

Free cells store the cards that block the gameplay and help you move around. When there are lots of empty free cells, you can move a longer card sequence. Remember that moving will be challenging if you only have one or two empty cells. If you can’t move, then you can no longer continue playing the game. Therefore, avoid placing cards in the free cell unless it is the only option that you have left.

Try to make an empty tableau column as fast as you can

Free cells are truly essential in this game, but empty columns are also beneficial. You can put a whole sequence into these columns instead of just one card. In addition, it also doubles the length of well-arranged suits that you can move from and to various tableaus.

You can fill the columns with a descending sequence, beginning with a King to an Ace, of cards that are arranged in alternating colors. If there is a tableau column that only has a complete sequence and no cards above, leave that for the rest of the game as it will no longer block any card of lower ranks that should be freed.

Move the packed cards into the tableau

Many players choose to pack cards into the free cells. However, it is a better choice to use the tableau column. You need to ensure that you spread them evenly for you to make more opportunities for moving cards.

Utilize the undo button

The undo button is placed in the game for a reason. Therefore, you should use it accordingly. It is because when planning, you may not always choose the best moves. If ever this happens, you can undo the move you made instead of losing the game. You can move the cards from the tableau back and forth until you are satisfied with a certain move. In addition to that, you should also not use all the free cells. If you are only remaining with one free cell, it will be challenging to continue the game.

Be patient while playing the game and practice different strategies

It is truly frustrating to get stuck in the game. But instead of giving up and ending the game, it is better if you try to take a step back and figure out what went wrong. You can take a break for a while then come back to the game when your mind is refreshed. This way, you can get a new perspective when you play again. Also, do not make impulsive decisions that could make things worse.

Try to start with safe moves at the start of the game. For example, you can move Aces and twos immediately once they are uncovered. This will make the gameplay easier. Also, don’t hurry in moving cards into the home cells, as you may also need them later to move around.

These are some of the best tips that we can give on how to win at a FreeCell Solitaire game. If you are searching for a good website to play this game, we can recommend The site is user-friendly, and it offers the best solitaire games, including FreeCell. We hope these tips will help you excel in your next game of FreeCell Solitaire online.