15 Tips for Improving Office Morale

Office morale is something that can make or break a business or an organization. For some business owners, it’s just a way of employees to have more fun at work, but that is not the case. Having low office morale can have a negative effect on employees’ productivity. Having high office morale, on the other hand, can lead to happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction at work aside from increased productivity.

This means that improving office morale is a very important factor to keep your business or company up and running.

Improving Office Morale
Low office morale is not easily identified especially when you’re a boss or a supervisor because employees will not talk and open up to you even when they feel discouraged or frustrated with their work. This means that you have to learn how to recognize the signs of low office morale by yourself. Some of the common signs are lack of cooperation, few personal conversations, rare personal initiatives, increased rates of turnover, and overall poor performance or attitude.
Inspire Positivity Through Positivity

If you notice some of these signs in your office, maybe it’s time for you to take action and improve the office morale in your company. If you don’t have any idea how to do it, here are some useful tips you can follow for improving your employees’ or co-workers’ office morale.

1. Inspire Positivity Through Positivity

One of the most important things that can help improve office morale is to encourage a positive outlook and attitude in every aspect of the company. You can do this by displaying and carrying a positive attitude by yourself.

It’s because having a positive mentality is contagious and compounding. Try to always say positive things, smile at your employees whenever you walk by them and personally greet the people in your office when they arrive to work.

That way, it’s likely that they will also do the same things to their co-workers. Try to remain sincere and stay consistent even on tough days. In no time, you’ll be nurturing a collective environment of positivity.

2. Recognize Individual and Group Achievements

When people feel that their works and efforts are not appreciated, morale tends to sink. To prevent this, employers should look into rewarding their employees for their consistent hard work through raises, promotions, or adding other benefits and small recognition.

When an individual performs well, congratulate him or her personally, and when a team accomplishes a goal, congratulate and thank them for their efforts. Your goal is to create an environment where everyone realizes that their works are appreciated.

3. Make Time for Fun in the Office

Another way of improving office morale is by making time for fun. Instead of having a regular workplace, you can inject some fun into it like placing recreational activities is the break room such as a pool table or a dart board. You don’t have to worry that these things might ruin the chance of having a productive day. In fact, a few minutes of fun away from the work desk can improve productivity for hours and can increase morale far more than those few lost minutes of work.

4. Encourage Real Lunch Breaks

Most people working in offices are too busy that they hardly step away from their desks to take a break, which can drain them out and result in decreased morale. To avoid this, make sure that the people in your office take coffee breaks, go for a walk, or eat out at new restaurants for lunch. This can help them to be more creative compared to just staying inside the office the whole day.

5. Allow Time for Personal Projects

It’s also important to grant your employees time to pursue their individual passions because they can get discouraged if they are only doing work-related projects all the time. If you notice that some of your employees have certain passions, you can select a specific day of the month for them to do personal project work. It can be an hour or two every week. This will help them become more motivated in their works.

6. Recognize Personal Milestones and Losses

You should also recognize individuals in your company as people first and employees second. This means that you can recognize their personal milestones as well as losses while still respecting their privacy. Respond to them with kindness and consideration as you would to a friend. Since most of the employees spend more time with their workmates than with their family, having a supportive community in your company will truly help. Even a simple note of recognition from you will work.

7. Change Up the Routine

Another thing that can make morale sink is by making your employees feel like they are robots. When they come in at the same time, to the same place, and do the same thing every single day, your people might easily get tired with their jobs. Therefore, changing the routine once in a while is beneficial. You can try to rotate lunch break schedules or take impromptu company breaks. This way, your employees will have something to look forward to.

8. Provide On-Going Training

Aside from changing schedules and having some fun in the office, another thing that an break the routine is by providing on-going training. Learning events can inspire people to do more. Training will give them the opportunity to learn more things about their work which can lead to increased productivity and improved office morale.

9. Be Transparent with Promotions

Promotion is another way of letting your employees know that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. However, most of the people working in offices have no idea when a promotion is going to come even when they’ve already worked in that company for years. Or if there’s even an opportunity that exists for them to advance in their careers at their current company. This is also something that can result in low office morale.

To prevent this, you should be transparent to them when it comes to promotions. You should let them know what it takes for them to be able to move up the ladder. The more transparent your company is with these things, the better.

10. Give Substantial Bonuses

Giving substantial bonuses to employees can also boost their productivity. These are clean, unconditional, and unexpected financial gifts which can revolutionize your employees’ morale. These bonuses can help them in supporting their families, or pay off loans, which can also lead them to work better.

11. Reinvent Team-Building Exercises

Team-building is an activity done by companies to improve teamwork. It is usually held out of the office and sometimes out of town. When you organize a team building, you have to make sure that it is more than just a free day out of the office.

The best team-building exercises should be able to explore your employee’s strengths and knowledge and something that can enhance them as well. Aside from playing games, you can have your employees organize workshops in the area that they are knowledgeable or good at.

12. Increase Vacation Days

Vacation can also boost employees’ morale, however, most employees are often too shy to take a break from work. The solution for this is to increase their vacation days. When you do this, it’s like telling them that it’s fine if they take some time off from work to freshen up their minds and be back with more creativity. And since it’s a vacation, make sure that they will receive no work emails or phone calls during their time off.

13. Limit Office Hours

There are jobs that require people to work longer hours such as finance officers, lawyers, and those in the field of medicine. However, working longer hours can burn out employees that can lead to low office morale. To avoid this, limiting office hours can be a solution. You should enable your teams with time-management training, peer support, and clear boundaries about office hours. This can help them achieve a work-life balance.

14. Provide Real-Time Feedback

Another big morale killer for employees is not letting them know that you appreciate their work within a reasonable timeframe. To avoid this, make sure that if someone does something great or has completed a goal, give them kudos right away.

The same goes if you notice something negative that you want to correct. Do not wait for some time before bringing it up because your employees will tend to wonder if there are still other things you haven’t opened up about. Also, do not sugarcoat the negative feedbacks, because you need to be clear about the things that you want to change.

15. Open the Floor and Ask for Feedback

This is the most important and the best way to improve office morale. Make your employees feel that their voices are heard and respected. Try to reach out to them and ask them how they feel about their projects and assignments. Ask for their feedback and concerns. You can also ask them for opinions about projects that are coming up. This way, you will let your employees feel that they are an integral and important part of the company.

Always keep in mind that your employees are important to your company because they are the ones who execute your directives. They are the ones who make your company going. This means that if you keep them happy and motivated, your company will be able to achieve its long-term goals easily. We hope these tips will help you in improving office morale.