6 Warning Signs She’s Cheating and What to Do

Your girl is acting differently and you suspect someone else is in the picture. The truth is that about 40% of unmarried relationships and 25% of marriages have at least one incident of cheating.

Cheating has implications for both sides, no matter who is not being faithful. To get to the bottom of the problem, you should be aware of the signs she’s cheating. Read on to learn about six of them. And if you need help from a competent private investigator, visit the given link.

1. She Protects Her Devices

One of the major signs she’s cheating is when she acts more possessive over her devices than usual. Note if she is quick to put her devices away when you come into a room or get close to her.

You might also realize that she’s been on her phone more lately. If she’s not talking to you back and forth on the phone, it could be someone else on the end of the other line that she’s interested in.

2. She’s Distant

One of the biggest cheating signs is when she starts becoming more distant. She might come home to you every night as usual, but when you call, you get her voicemail instead.

3. She Has a New Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to have time for yourself, but not all hobbies require more than one person. If she has taken an interest in something that is out of character, this is one of the signs she’s cheating on you.

Sometimes people want to explore new passions, other times it could be to impress someone else. If she is hesitant to share her newfound passion with you, it might be cause for concern.

4. She’s Picking Fights

Another one of the cheating warning signs is if your significant other is picking fights, often for no reason. This usually occurs in the honeymoon phase of cheating because you are being compared to another person.

5. She’s Closed Off

If your girlfriend or wife used to be open about her feelings, there is something to worry about when she becomes closed off. Something as simple as no longer sharing the details of her day is a red flag.

When someone becomes emotionally unavailable because of someone else, they cannot share parts of you that they once did before.

6. She Talks Differently About the Future

When in a committed relationship, most partners cannot help but use the word, “we.” If this was once this case with your loved one and they now talk about things they want to do alone, they could have found someone else.

Signs She’s Cheating That You Don’t Want to Ignore

Ultimately, behavior changes could be signs she’s cheating or caused by something else going on in life. If you notice any of these combined signs or only one sign, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your partner.

To know for sure, you can confront them directly about their suspicious behavior. If you plan to keep the relationship going and heal from it, blaming your partner without evidence is not the best idea.

No matter how you choose to confront your girl, don’t be afraid to listen to your gut. If you need more relationship advice, check out the other articles we have on our blog.