How Does Life Change for A Woman After Marriage?

Husband feeding wife with fruits

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you make in your life. This life decision depends on the decisions we make. The person you are deciding to get married with will be the pair for your life. You will be having children with them and share a home. Now it depends that … Read more

How Does Life Change for A Man After Marriage?

A husband and wife resting near a lake

The concept of marriage is an intriguing one. There are effects on both lives after marriage; men and women. Women are more vocal about the changes they go through post marriage. Men keep it to themselves and they hardly talk about it with others. A change sounds good and exciting but being … Read more

10 Nonverbal Ways to Improve Your Marriage

sweet couple sitting beside each other while holding hands

Most married people will most likely notice that the majority of the effectiveness of daily communications is actually assisted by different nonverbal cues. This is the reason why nonverbal communication is important in marriage life when it comes to how couples relate to each other. You need to remember that the unconscious … Read more