Tips and Ideas for Inspiring a Colleague

A lot of jobs today require collaboration with fellow employees. This can actually help in accomplishing larger tasks or projects in a company. However, it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects of any work environment, especially when someone is not committed to the work, or if your workmates are not feeling motivated. It’s because even if you give your all, still, not a lot of work can be done if your colleagues are not doing their best. 

Doesn’t it feel disheartening when you are so busy finishing tasks at work, and you see your workmate focused on his personal calls and social media accounts? Well, if you are usually experiencing this whenever you have collaborative tasks in the office, or if you notice a colleague who’s losing his motivation to work and you want to help, then you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re not a manager or a leader at work, you can still do things that can motivate your co-workers to do their best at work. To help you, here are some of the best tips and ideas for inspiring a colleague.

Set a Good Example

One of the best ways to inspire a colleague to work hard is probably by setting a positive example. When you approach your work with a positive attitude, and you complete your tasks as diligently as possible, it can inspire your colleagues at work to do the same. This is more effective, especially when they see that you are receiving praise, rewards, and special assignments due to your hard work. Remember that competition is one of the most powerful motivators. If your workmate sees you getting bonuses and high-profile projects, he might start doing his best, too, so that he can reap the same benefits that you are getting. 

Be More Social and Build Friendships

If you notice that a colleague is not motivated to work, maybe socializing with him and building friendships can help. You don’t need to be friends with all the people you work with, but since you see each other every day at work, then getting along with him can also help inspire him to work hard. You can talk to him and ask how he’s doing. You can discuss plans for work or maybe joke around once in a while to forget the stress for a bit. Ask if they are overwhelmed with the amount of work and offer some support. These are small gestures, but they can surely help a colleague be inspired when feeling down. 

Also, when you are friends with your colleagues, they may be more likely to put extra effort into their job so that they can avoid damaging the relationship in the workplace. Plus, having someone to talk to and have lunch with once in a while can make you feel more satisfied with your work, too. 

Ask for Their Input and Listen to Their Ideas

There are people who feel unmotivated to work because they feel like their input or ideas are not important in the workplace. If this is the case, you can try getting your colleagues involved with the decision-making process, especially when working on a collaborative project or task. Make sure that you ask for their ideas and input. Let them present the ideas they have and listen to them. This way, you can make them feel that their input matters. If their ideas can’t be used, make sure that you still thank them for all the ideas they have given. This is a positive reinforcement that can surely inspire people to give their best at work. 

Give Your Colleague Positive Encouragement

Another reason for a person to feel unmotivated to work is when they feel like they are doing something wrong. When you notice a colleague who’s falling behind, do not criticize him. What you need to do is to give positive encouragement to him. When you need to judge or make comments about his work, you can start with the positive ones first. And when you offer critiques, make sure that you also try to offer solutions. This way, your colleague will be able to determine how to make improvements. This is also a way to give them hope that they can do better in the coming days, which can motivate them to do their best. 

Share Your Resources with Your Colleagues

One of the ways to make a collaborative project successful is by teamwork. Therefore, when you’re working together, try to share your resources with your colleagues. Aside from that, you can also look at your workmates closely and see where they excel. That way, you will all be able to contribute to the project you are doing. It’s because sometimes, people feel unmotivated to work or to help with a certain project when he or she feels that his or her skills are not needed. Make your colleagues feel that you all have something to learn for everyone. 

Give Them Space When Needed

If you’re a perfectionist at work, or you often pester your colleagues about their work, then you could be part of the problem. Keep in mind that some people need space to be able to get their work done. If you’re waiting for your workmates to finish their tasks, do not hover over them. It’s because that can make them feel like you don’t trust them. Aside from that, it can also stress them and strain on their desire to work. Trust your colleagues and give them some space for them to finish their tasks. 

These are some of the best tips and ideas we can share on how you can inspire a colleague. Supporting one another at work and building positive relationships with the people you work with is very important, as it can help in making your projects and tasks successful. We hope that these tips and ideas will be able to help you in motivating your colleagues to work hard and do their best at work.