Waking Up for a More Productive Day

Waking up early in the morning may sound dreadful, but this is about teaching ourselves how to kick-start a productive day and achieve exceptionalism every day. You might say that getting up early in the morning is not relevant to you, but when you look at the best of the best – the A-players in their field – whether it is sports, business, office, these people have trained themselves to show up. Hitting the day more motivated is a gift you can give to yourself to get more life.

Like what Ben Franklin said, you will have plenty of time when you’re dead. You don’t have to wake up at 4 am, or 5 am, but you will only need to make your mornings better as it affects the rest of the day.

We all had mornings when the first hour of the day falls apart right after we wake up. This could be as simple as oversleeping, misplacing your keys, skipping your breakfast, and getting stuck in a traffic jam. Before you even get to grind, you already are stressed, unfocused, and unable to find the momentum until the day ends.

As much as we could, we must avoid those situations that lower our morning motivation and productivity. After all, one of the best versions of ourselves is that short moment right after we wake up.

Here are a few tips:

Minimalist Alarm Clock black and white on a desk
1. Get super fit

When your physical health is in a world-class condition, you need less sleep to compensate, and your metabolic rate is higher. This allows you to have more energy, more stamina, and more passion. For only 20 minutes, consider doing some stretches, yoga, pilates, or any workout you want. The most important thing is to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing as you wake up your whole body. Don’t forget to drink a glass or two before and after your workout.

2. Start the Night Before

Spend at least 30-45 minutes before bedtime to organize what you might need the next day. This way, you will have fewer things to look into in the morning. As simple as preparing your clothes, meals, and supplies could save you a lot of time and from a lot of stress.

3. Don’t Sneeze the Alarm

We all are tempted to get that “extra” five or ten minutes of sleeping time. However, this short amount of time could cause you to feel groggy and less energized. Your snooze minutes is enough to drive you off, but not enough to complete a REM cycle. As a result, you will wake up with the hungover feeling known as the sleep inertia. Sleep early the night before and stick to your alarm. It will train yourself accountability and make you confident that you don’t allow a snooze to decide your day.


4. Eat the Frog, First

No, this is not a new diet routine. Did you recall that anxiety of “I still have a lot of work to do today” lingering at the back of your mind? Eating the frog means tackling the most difficult tasks first. While most of us are master procrastinators, our highest energy, willpower, should be reserved for the most complex, dreading tasks. We mentioned that one of the best versions of yourselves is the first hour before you get up. By prioritizing the most challenging tasks, you will less likely become unmotivated, distracted, or put it off for the next day.

5. Don’t Check Your Phone

You may say that, “but hey, this is where I list my tasks,” or “my most difficult task requires me to open the phone.” Well, if you are the type of person who is not easily tempted to check your email, read the morning news or click the notifications from your social media, then you can easily do away with distractions. However, when you do this, you are already pre-occupying your brain with matters that will not directly affect you.

How many times have you been concerned with an early email, news, or social media post that you forgot to do things for yourself first? When you can avoid this digital clutter, you can generate far more creative ideas and connections. Try shifting into a physical alarm, or turn off all notifications if you needed to.